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Full video Millar and Bendis panel C2E2


Thought this deserved its own thread
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Neither of them mentioned me once!


Maybe they don’t recognise you anymore?


Bendis! White socks and dark pants? Come on man!


I know, right?

Is he planning on moonwalking?


You mean this panel? :wink:


Enjoyed it and also Mark’s solo panel.


jeez, terrible seats Ronnie. you cant even get a good look at them from that angle.
You’d think you’d know someone who would help you out with that!



i don’t even recognize myself


“Lucy with the football” may be the most perfect description of the Chief I’ve ever heard!

Good to see y’all chatting.

Okay, “Alyn Muir” took me a few repeats.


that was great !


So… do people ask for hugs at Cons a lot?


I hope not.


That´s how i Literaly imagined the Marvel Zombies Pitch.


You mean like maybe backstage (with @ender0284)? :wink:

@Jim and I were talking about this panel over the last couple of days. It seriously feels like it was something historical that will be talked about about in years to come. It was really exciting to be there.


I thought we had pretty good seats.


yeah, my sarcasm plays terribly in forums.
Looks like you guys had a great time!


I kind of think giving more exposure to the friendships between creators, not so much their projects but how they enjoy hanging out with each other, that would be excellent publicity. You can kind of tell the state of the industry when it’s mostly complaints coming out (that’s pretty much was sunk New 52, for instance, and conversely why Snyder and Tynion ended up two of the biggest if not the biggest things from that time). Listening to Bendis and Millar talk about their early experiences at Marvel, that could’ve been the setup of a bad experience, but instead they embraced it, and clearly built something great out of it. Maybe it’s the mentality of a certain personality and a certain situation, but it just seems as if there was more of that, things would be better. Even hearing them talk about C.B. Cebulski…Clearly the guy got the job because he’s got that kind of mentality. Marvel could do a lot worse than encourage anyone they’ve got to sort of speak up about that. They’d be helping make their own reputation in the process, put some eyes on their work, maybe allow them to do something they might otherwise not have had a chance to. You know, crazy ideas like”we’re going to tell the last Marvel stories!” or “…but they’re actually zombies!” Instead of being defensive about everything.


C.B. Cebulski was backstage beforehand and in the crowd for the panel.


Oh, I figured.