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Friday's with Wilfredo - new weekly Millarworld column!


Ladies and Gents,

We’re starting a new thing today, a couple of artist columns every week where the guys drawing any current Millarworld project will be showing you their pencils and inks process with preview art. Wilfredo Torres will be giving you a behind the scenes look at Jupiter’s Circle every Friday. Click on our front page every week to see.

On Mondays, starting next week, we have Sean Murphy with Murph on Mondays and his weekly behind the scenes look at how he puts Chrononauts together. Chrononauts, btw, launches next week. Like ye didn’t know!



Very cool idea!! Thanks for that.


Ooooo, liking this new feature. Always good to see ‘process’ pics. Keep 'em coming!


Those are very cool. Wilfredo posted some of those on his Instagram account. That’s why I thought it was going to be Jupiter’s Gift for a while.


Wifredo’s pages are very cool.

Sean has sent me the stuff that is going up Monday and he has added notes to the art, which gives you a sense of what he was thinking and why he did some things the way he did.

It is very cool, like an artist’s commentary.


I just finished the Punk Rock Jesus Deluxe Edition and he goes into some of that stuff there. I really like his process.


Yeah I’ve seen Sean’s pages too and they are well worth checking out on Monday. His commentary gives a lot of insight into how he’s interpreted parts of Mark’s script.


Thank y’all! This is very cool.


Is this up?

Have we a link?

I’m perfectly happy to play scavenger hunt if the prize is Wilfredo! :smiley:

(These smilies are scary. Far too enthusiastic.)


It’s on the front page that Mark linked in the initial post.


The first two (Monday with Murphy and Friday with Wilfredo) are hard to link to because I didn’t understand how the software worked.

I promise to do better.


I was able to link the Mondays with Murph in another thread. I just used a copy and paste of the link. What makes these so difficult to link?


I think Jim fixed them. There is a box you have to fill out a certain way in order to get a usable link and I filled it out incorrectly.

It’s all boxes, all the way down.


How you could you commit such a crime? :wink:

Thanks for the explanation, Patrick. You and all those involved in the site relaunch are doing an amazing job.