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Freeway Fighter Comic Promo art


Hey guys - just wanted to share some promo art on Freeway Fighter (Based on the same title from Ian Livingstone’s Fighting Fantasy franchise). Art by Simon Coleby, Colours by Len O’Grady, written by myself and Jonathan Green. Hoping to get this rolled out later in the year…


Andi Ewington

Freeway Fighter Signing 20th May - FP London
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That’s tempting right there.


Thanks… Si and Len have done a knockout job! :grin:


Sign me up for a ride in that there crazy vehicle - looks excellent…!


I think I still have my copy of Freeway Fighter somewhere!


Yeah mine’s a bit battered but still kicking around in my old FF section of the shelf. I’ve also drafted a Deathtrap Dungeon script too :slight_smile:


Thanks - delighted with the results!


…and we’ve been picked up Titan! 4 issue series due for release May 2017.


Oh and we also put this together as a little animation sting, enjoy! Freeway Fighter Teaser


Titan just released the covers for #1 of Freeway Fighter, out May2017… art by Simon Coleby, Orlando Arocena and Ben Oliver. Enjoy!


The #FreewayFighter #Comic is now available to #preorder!

You’ll need to quote the pre-order code (MAR172048, MAR172049, MAR172050) depending on which cover you want (see below). For those unsure how to do this, there’s a handy little FAQ from the nice people at Titan Towers: - Please share the good news.


Two Jim Burns covers revealed for Freeway Fighter by Forbidden Planet - plus an awesome Adventure Sheet variant too.


If you’re around on May 20th from 1pm - we’ll be doing a signing at Forbidden Planet London. In attendance will be Ian Livingstone, Jim Burns, Simon Coleby, Jim Campbell, Jonathan Green, Orlando Arocena and myself. Be great to see you!


Issue #2 covers were revealed yesterday from Ben Oliver, Simon Myers and Simon Coleby.