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I figured an introduction and links to some of my work would be okay. Hope it is. I used to be a member (sporadically) of the old forum way back when. My name is Marco Lopez and I am the co-owner of the website Atomic Rex Entertainment. I am also the co-creator and owner of the comic book Massively Effective. That will be getting a trade release from Markosia this year.

The Atomic Rex Website is-

On there I have a pulp sci-fi comic book strip I do with various artists. It’s called Orion’s Belt. It’s basically snapshots in the life of a space adventuring afro-latino couple.

We have 9 strips so far. It’s funded out of my own pocket. So when I get money in I get the strips drawn up and lettered. I plan to do 100 and then get them collected into a hardcover trade.

We also have a series of 1-3 page comic book stories on there called A Shot of Whiskey.

We have 3 stories up so far. Two one page stories and one three page story. They’re all genre tales that range from fantasy humor to melancholy Super Sentai science fiction.

I’m also working on a comic book for a known indie publisher. Not allowed to say who yet. And I have a couple of pitches at another known indie publisher. Hope you guys like what you see. Spread the word if you do. Also, check us out on twitter and Facebook.



I plan to be a bit more active on this forum.