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Free Short Comic: OUR SENTENCE IS UP


Hey y’all!

In about an hour I’ll be releasing a new short comic, OUR SENTENCE IS UP, on twitter and here!

Fans of 2000AD and old 50s radio scifi will, I think, be pleased! (I’m looking at you, @davidm )

It is drawn and made beautiful by Brian Cote, and lettered and made coherent by Hassan Otsmane Elhaou.


And here we go! Please read and, if you like (or if you don’t!) respond!


So let me just say I woke up to this little surprise of yours and loved it. I don’t know know if you intended this, but I felt a little lovecraft influences there as well as some Moore. And yes, I did feel the 2000ad vibe from this story and it’s great.

The meat of this story about the written “word” effectively dominating us over time as some sort of virus/contagion got to me due to its originality so kudos to you on that. Knowledge is a scary thing (although you are more than welcome to correct me on the story seeing how I just woke up and may need to reread it). Otherwise, perfect title for a clearly amazing story, Deniz. I look forward to more and of course, let me know when your other work is available for purchase.


Ahh, thank you very much!

The title, I have to admit, was lifted from (nonowait, an HOMAGE to) THE INVISIBLES. The context, I think, gives it a slightly different meaning, but it seemed appropriate on a few levels, as the Invisibles / Morrison is always a big influence.

Regarding other work: my comic, MAXWELL’S DEMONS, is currently coming out from Vault Comics. You can pick that up at your LCS, or on comixology:

Second issue on Jan 31st!

I have a few other short comics on my website, and I’m always posting shorts, process stuff, and wisdom that you’ll take to your grave on my twitter, @mdesaad.

Hope you dig em and thanks for checking it out!


As I’m attempting to nail a Future Shock sub for 2000ad before their deadline in March, I was interested to know if you’ve ever officially had a stab at one Deniz? You’ve done pretty well with the other things you’ve submitted to :smile: , so if not, any particular reason?


Hah, no particular reason, nah. Seems like every time I think of it their submissions were closed. @markabnett recc’d I do so and I may just!

Can’t lie, though – don’t love the snail mail submissions policy. :slight_smile:



Yeah, agreed on the snail mail - although I’m in the UK, so somewhat easier for me. Makes it as easy as possible for them to sort through the pile I guess - expect they have a large readership compared to most monthlies and I imagine they get a lot of poor subs. Ah well, I’ll report back if I get anywhere!


Nice idea, and executed perfectly. I loved the use of words embedded in the art.

I went through several (wrong) theories as I read it, only to kick myself at the reveal because the clues had been right there on the page all along :smiley:


Hah, thanks! One of those things where, if it had been any longer than 5-8 pages I think it would have been obvious and tiresome, but we hoped to surprise ya!