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Free lettering services and practice


So I’m giving lettering a try because I don’t know anyone else who does it and I needed someone for the Creators for Creators grant application. I’ve done some before, but I’m still getting the hand of it. I spent around three hours on one page yesterday (perfectionism and word bubbles don’t go well together). If any of you have any scripts and art and would like me to letter it, (even if you have lettered versions, you may see how a different person does them) send me a message. I need to practice, specially with scripts I haven’t written and can’t change the text around.

This isn’t done yet. I need to place the tails and fix other things like the lines between the joint bubbles, but it’s kind of how it will stay. Except for the first panel where the man will be moved to the right.

Edit: I know about the dashes in the “capital I when standing alone” but this font doesn’t have them, so I will place them individually.