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For those of you who have not been reading the ‘films and tv are ruining comics’ thread, there’s a school of thought that the rigidness of the industry is where it is going wrong, that comics should be free.

So, although TKO has been discussed on many of the other comics threads. Yet it doesn’t seem to be common knowledge even on Millarworld, I thought I’d try help lure people into reading something by some great creators that is completely free, by giving it its own thread.

So the jist is that these guys have some top industry creators on board including Ennis, Lemire, Dysart, Ponticelli, Epting and a bunch of other folk I’ve not actually heard of but who are probably well regarded in other markets.

Their model is a bit different to what we are used to. They are telling their stories in 6 issues. All released at the same time, so following the Netflix binge model so folk don’t have to wait over 5 month period between the first issue being released and the rest of the series or the trade being made available.

The formats you can get these in are
Digital in 6 issues on comixology
A boxed set of physical 6 issues
A trade, digitally on comixology
A physical copy of the trade

The first issue is FREE on comixology. So nothing to be lost other than your time. Then if you like it, you can get the other 5 issues digitally for about $15. Or pay a bit extra for the physicals.


Actually I’ve just been on the website to look at some of the prices, it’s cheaper to order direct from them.

So to buy a whole series digitally is $13.99, if you then add the 20% discount, you’ll get it for just over 11 bucks.


This sounds awesome


I just read the first issues of The Fearsome Dr. Fang and Sara. Great talent behind both of them. I’m leaning more toward picking up the former, than the latter, in part because of the way TKO seems to be set up. I love being able to read the first issue for free, and then be able to buy the whole collection right away, but I think the creators might need to make some adjustments to take advantage of that. Sara was really good, but there wasn’t anything in it that immediately hooks me into needing to read the rest of the series. The Fearsome Dr. Fang does a better job in setting up what the story will be along with the tone of the book. I think that touches on something Jim might have mentioned, which is writers being able to write a compelling single issue and give a full enough experience in that, while also giving the reader a reason to keep reading. That should really be something TKO emphasizes. I’ll also say that I love the Collector’s Box idea with the single issues, as a way of making the object itself a draw. I’d love to see them do something similar for the trade collection, too, as a way of making them stand out.


I think you’re right on that. Sara #1 was a really good introduction to the world and the characters of the book, and told a decent story in its own right. But it was perhaps too satisfying for its own good - it didn’t have that sense of leaving you hanging and hungry for more at the end.

I definitely plan to check out the other five issues at some point, but I don’t feel compelled to do so immediately.

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