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Hi All!

Some time ago I came together with @Romain and Julien Brun to make a short, science fiction comic. I’m so astounded by the work that they created here: vivid and dynamic and subtle. I’m VERY excited to share it with you.

I hope you’ll take a look, and please do tell us what you think!

You can follow me on twitter at @mdesaad and Romain at @nezotholem

And you can check out some of my other free comics on my website,


Deniz, that is absolutely wonderful.
I loved it.
Story, art and THOSE colours…FANTASTIC!
Well done to all involved.

I’m in work so didn’t get a chance to read it all fully but the art and colours are really nice! Looks great.

Thanks so much Matt! So appreciated!

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Yeah, they are an amazing duo! Brothers! This is their first real comics work, and I think they’re going to be HUGE. Even Nathan Fairbairn, colorist to the stars, liked the colors!

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Woah great job everyone!

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Cheers and thank you, Manuel!

Great work. I especially like the way you make the rest of us look like complete amateurs and hacks.

But seriously good work.
Is this a portfolio comic or are you going to get a few copies printed for sale on you site and cons?

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Gah, thanks so much for reading, brother!

Yeah, a small publisher has agreed to publish a collection of short stories I’ve written, to be sold at conventions and local stores, that sort of thing. This will be in there! Until then, portfolio. And more coming of its type!


@DenizCamp - Thank you for this brilliant little story. I quite enjoyed it.

Time Is of the Essence - This is a well written, well executed short comic with a satisfying story. I love how the story is a meditation on using the time given us especially coming from the point of view of knowing that your days with someone could quite possibly numbered and sometimes you have to do things now rather than later because the clock is ticking. I’m impressed. READ THIS!


This is quite the story. At first, it seems simplistic. But also confusing. Grandfather paradox stories do that. Initially, that’s what it seemed like to me. A guy goes back in time to tell himself to pull his nose out of the books and go out into the real world and live. Because that’s what life is about – living. Nothing terribly invigorating there.

But I read it several times and there’s more to it than that. I think.


Because it was by “living” that the guy finally had his eureka moment and came up with his time travel formula. And his future-self knew that he had an incurable disease growing inside him that would eventually kill him no matter what. So, he wasn’t just going back in time to create a new, divergent path. He was creating an ouroboros. An eternal cycle in which he constantly relived the time he got to spend with the lady over and over again. And it was only by meeting this lady – and her inspiring him – that this was even possible. So now his lifespan exists entirely in the time from when his past-self meets his future-self to when his future-self travels back to his past-self. This is my take, anyway.

Now this still doesn’t resolve the grandfather paradox problem but that’s kind of beside the point. I guess.

Anyway, nice job. Beautiful artwork! Thanks for sharing.


P.S. There is a typo on page 4, panel 2. Character says, “Think of it as an investiment in my future.” There’s an extra “i” in investment. Just trying to be helpful.


Thanks a lot for your feedback :slight_smile:
You are absolutely right about the mistake we have made on page 4. Cheers! We are going to change it.


Thanks for the feedback and comments, my friends! I certainly don’t want to tell anyone what to take away from the story, but I’m glad it’s engendered re-readings! No greater compliment, for me. :slight_smile:




This comic is incredible good sir. I really liked the message it presented which is pretty much live your life to the fullest (I always try :grin:). Though a little sad and tragic I appreciated it all the more and enjoyed Brun’s art immensely. It’s no wonder you were one of the winners of the millarworld contest last year. Congrats on another book being made and might I ask do you plan on having any physical copies of “Time Is Of The Essence” or will it just be digital?


Very kind, man! Thank you!

The plan is to collect it, part of a larger collection of short stories I’ve written in collaboration with various artists (like Murder One, Our Love is Chemical and a couple of others that haven’t yet been released) from a small publisher to sell at conventions and local stores and online.

If you dig the work, I hope you’ll take a look at my first ongoing series, coming out in the back half of 2017! More comin’!

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Oh definitely looking forward to that. Can’t wait to also purchase your collection of short stories as a whole when it’s ready so let us know when that happens.

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I will keep you updated, sir! Thanks for your support.

Finally read it (because I’m not very good at remembering to read on-line comics even when they’re sitting on my desktop – you really need to sell me physical copies :slight_smile: ).

I really enjoyed this. Time travel treated seriously, and with a good human-interest story on top of it. That’s just my kind of SF.

This is great writing (but I wouldn’t have expected anything else). And with art that matches it perfectly, not just great to look at but a perfect fit for the tone of the story. I hope ou guys can collaborate again some time.


Cheers, David. Thanks for taking a look! Glad you dug it! Hope to get you a physical copy soon. :slight_smile:

Romain, Julien and I are already discussing what we’ll do next, so never fear! :slight_smile:

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It is a good comic with a great style of lines.