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Free Comic Download!


Hey gang, I 've been working on a comic and the first issue is available for free off the website!
We just got back from the East Coast Comicon and it went over really well, all our promotional copies are gone! Anyway, hope you give it a chance. And if you can, leave some feedback for the writer/creator. He’s dying to know what people think!


Welcome to Millarworld, Steven. I’m on my phone just now so can’t download the book at the moment. Care to give a little detail on what it’s about?


I’ve been here before but I guess I didn’t use the account enough so it disappeared or something. I did a cover for the “Starlight incident” a few months ago.

Anyway, it’s a sci-fi superhero story about a female interplanetary postal worker who happens to be an immortal demi-goddess seeking members of a special coven before a demon does. And other stuff happens too. (The writer is better at pitching the story, I just drew the thing!)


Welcome to Millarworld, Steven. I’ll try to download it when I’m on my computer and give it a try. Thanks for the free book.


Don’t worry about having to set up a new account, you weren’t booted from the board. The whole thing got “rebooted” and everyone’s accounts got nuked when we swapped over to the new software.

I’ll be sure to have a look at your book. The description sounds interesting.


Cool, thanks!

Second part is inked lettered and flatted so that’s on the way too. Don’t know if it will be free DL or not.
I’m getting better as an artist, so when the three books are done, it’ll be interesting to see. (At least for me.)

This is the original art of the cover before the titles, etc.


That is a very cool cover.




Nice work!
Your art is really high quality, and very clear. Facial expressions, action sequences, space tech, backgrounds, you’ve got it all going on no worries.

I like the way the story feeds info to the reader. Cool and striking opening on the first two pages. Then we’re set up with a situation with a few holes in our understanding of it (Alexandra and the postal workers, Terra) and then get the flashback filling those holes in later on.
Cool characters, cool setup, and a nice spin on the reluctant hero that makes it feel fresh and new.

I did stumble a bit reading page 3, with the stack of panels on the left and the big shot of Alexandra on the right. That’s always a difficult layout to pull off because the reader doesn’t know whether to go left or down from the first panel. I know its kind of cheesy, but it might be worth adding little arrows between the panels on that page.

Let us know when #2’s it. I loved this one.


Not the arrows of shame! :slight_smile:

In all honesty, I find those arrows just as distracting as any bad layout. If a page doesn’t flow naturally I think it’s probably better to revisit the layout (and change it if necessary) than to add arrows.

(I can’t comment on this example specifically though, as I haven’t read it yet.)


Arrows of SHAME!
I’m still working things out. I could move the balloons to the bottom, that would probably fix the issue, it would just cover up her boots.


I really, really like this. If I saw it in the comics shop I’d definitely pick it up. Good work, man!


Thanks a lot! It will eventually make its way to comic shops. We do have a Diamond distributor, its just a matter of when. I saw there are stil a couple errors in the book, so those have to be ironed out first. But I’m not sure what the plan is as far as releasing a physical book.

Feel free to share the PDF with friends! Just let them know the writer would really like some feedback on the facebook or google+ pages.


Nice. Good work all round


I might have to start posting your guys reviews on the site! Thanks! We’ve actually gotten more downloads from Millarworld forum members then anywhere else. You guys are awesome!

Who would have thought it would be so tough to get people to read FREE comics? Well, there’s no “name” talent or publisher attached so that’s a thing. The boss thinks the hoops that have to be jumped through on the store are keeping people from downloading, I’ve turned everything off that I can. Its nice to have names and emails, but you can fudge the rest of the info (some people already have!)


Just downloaded this. Looking forward to checking it out.


Mike, I moved the balloons to the bottom. I think you’re right, it flows better now. (and it barely covers her all-important boots.)

As for the tech you mentioned, I’ve been flying by the seat of my pants. I should have designed some stuff ahead of time but just toss it in as I go. Ty Templeton actually suggested I needed more, so I ended up putting in more during colouring. Send Ty some love if you can, he’s in the hospital right now, he had a pretty bad heart attack.


I did a “variant cover” for my book featuring pencils by Jack Kirby!
Yeah, its kind of a cheat, but so is a variant cover for a digital comic.


To make sure that you are not looked on poorly, you may want to insert an “After” above Kirby’s signature on the cover and add your own below. The attribution of credit in comics can be a sensitive subject.

I apologize. I keep forgetting to download this. I’ll try to remember tonight.


I think some people were balking at having the jump throught the hoops of the store (its not really designed for free things) so now the book is readable as a webcomic off the site!