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Free Comic Book Day

I’m assuming that pretty much every comic shop is doing it this year? Give shout-outs to your local here.

I should add also, that the comics are free to customers, but not to the store, so please help support the shop you get items from.


Locator says no for me. I have a feeling the both have only participated once and I haven’t seen anything on Facebook. I must go see what I can find out.

Edit: one is definitely involved it seems, nothing from the other.

I’m lucky to have had a participating shop around me pretty much everywhere I’ve been the past dozen years. Sometimes I’ve had to miss the main festivities, but there was one shop in Colorado Springs (Muse Comics) that actually gave away free back issues later in the day, when they’d run out of the promo material. That was amazingly cool and still one of my favorite FCBD memories. Two years ago the shop that is once and again my local one (Zimmies in Lewiston, Maine) gave away bags stuffed with every release. Every release! It was insane! They quickly realized how awesomely ridiculous that was, however, and so they’ve since switched to the standard limits.

Waiting in line for these things has always been one of my yearly highlights. It won’t shock anyone here to know I don’t generally socialize too much, so listening in on conversations in these lines is one of my few opportunities to actually hear what other fans are like. Of course, two years ago (it was a pretty memorable one all the way round) there were a bunch of homeless hitchhikers who were clearly not there for free comics but just because it was something they’d stumbled across, and so I spent a long time listening to them justify their odd lifestyle. Last year was pretty great, probably the highest quality conversations I’ve experienced, but then Heroes & Villains (in Hampton, Virginia) generally always had interesting conversations going on, basically every time I visited.

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Three participating shops and we have visited two of them. The third will never get my custom again (even on FCBD) even after events chronicled here last year.

What I do have (thanks to taking both boys with me) is a good few duplicates which I am willing to send to people who want them.

Titles are:

2000AD x3
Zelda: Twilight Princess x2
Wonder Woman x2
Guardians of the Galaxy/The Defenders x1
Buffy: The High School Years/Plants vs Zombies x1

Send me a pm if you are interested.

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There wasn’t really anything jumping out at me this year, though I nabbed the Star Trek book. My local had a signing though, Jim Alexander, whose done loads of stuff, and he’s always fun to chat to, so nabbed one of his books (he did a buy one get something else free deal, so that was an added bonus).

My swag this year:


Here’s my haul this year

Also got to meet Elizabeth Rage from the DIY Cosplay Shop YouTube page.
Pretty fun day!


FCBD was fun! I went to Jopo de Pojo and found a new Mark Millar (Magic Order) TPB that came out and Holly K Golightly;s SCHOOL BITES which was just fun fun fun to read!

My thoughts on these FCBD titles:

Dr. WHo: might be pretty good, but not my thing.
Lady Mecha: always good.
Dragonflyman from Ahoycomics:
I don’t understand that. Not my thing

Stranger Things / Black Hammer: not my thing either. ST I think a good series but the comic version is not hitting me like that

Goon: for Powell fans it will be very good but it is not my thing at all

Dark age / after burn: wow. 2 post apocalypse comics. And very interesting

Spiderman: a strong story and good drawing in itself, but I’m very tired of the soap character. Cletus Kassady returns and Eddie Brock again. Sigh …

Starwars: this is top. Many previews and interviews. More a magazine.

Vampirella was stunning and best of the bunch!

Punchline from Antarctic Press was surprisingly good. Strong story and strong drawings

Under the moon: emotionally strong with beautiful drawing and a strong story

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I’m so happy that I can get free comic books. I buy comic books every month and sometimes give some of them to my friends.

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