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Free Comic Book Day 2018


Happening on Saturday at participating stores, which are likely to be doing special deals. Regardless of which one you go to, please make sure to purchase something from there, especially if it’s an indie shop. Comics are free to people but not the shops.

My local comic shop in Aberdeen has a small press publisher from Edinburgh coming up so that’s an example of what’s happening, but I’m sure there’s other things happening in other shops.


I’m happy to see that this tradition continues; I have good memories of taking my kids to a local shop to get some free swag years ago.


For the first time in…forever, really, the Marvel movie opened before FCBD. So that was pretty odd.


We, as always, were first on the door at Forbidden Planet in Cambridge.

We have not had a chance to look through what we have got but we did notice that both the boys bags have something extra in.

Unfortunately it has cost me £70 so far as the wife asked me to take the boys shoe shopping as well.


We picked up a couple bits and pieces this morning. Was hoping to meet 2000AD artist Tom Foster who was going to be signing and sketching but it seems he was running late and we didn’t really want to hang around doing nothing. Never mind, still got some free books and the new Hookjaw trade.


Now we’re home and had a good look through everything it turns out that the “something extra” was a Star Wars Micro Machine pack. Both boys are quite chuffed with them and Lo immediately wanted to see if it was compatible with the xwing miniatures game.
Comics wise it was a nice mix with the boys again being very happy to have both got a Spider-Man comic in their bags.


Despite seeing this thread the other day, I somehow managed to forget it was FCBD :smiley: . If I had remembered, I might have gone in on a different day to avoid the crowd.

FP Newcastle got a very impressive crowd, probably the biggest I’ve seen since their opening a couple of years back. And not just buying toys and manga, remarkably loads of them were actually venturing into the basement and buying actual comics. Yay, the industry is saved :slight_smile:

Large numbers of them also had trades with the title “Infinity [something]” in their hands. I really can’t think why…


Just back from Nostalgia & Comics in Birmingham where they were busy too. They created a fun atmosphere, with lots of staff in costume and a competition for kids to design a new pet for Batman (I’ll post ours below).

They actually only had a handful of FCBD titles left on the dedicated table and they weren’t all that kid-friendly, but one of the staff members rummaged around and found some extra copies of the Nightmare Before Christmas book for my daughter and an all-ages comic for my son.

They were also handing out free badges (Batman and Wonder Woman) and sweets so the kids were well happy.

While we were there we made sure to actually spend some cash too, there was some Star Wars and Marvel stationery that the kids liked the look of and I also grabbed this to read with them.


Oh yeah, here’s the bat-pet designs.

Couldn’t resist drawing my own too.


FP were handing out bags of comics when you went in, and I heard one member of staff ask the hander-outer about the all-ages bags. “I’ve only got three left, so I’m saving them for really young kids”. I was really impressed that they were thinking like that and had split out titles specifically for younger readers.


That’s good to hear. There were still some Spider-Man ones left on the table when we got in but everything else was stuff my kids hadn’t heard of. We weren’t even that late to get there, less than an hour after the shop opened. There were a lot of adult fans there but not that many other kids that we saw.


FP, at least in Cambridge, have bagged up the comics and split them into more kid centric or more adult.

Lo did have a comic for mature readers in his bag but considering how many bags they had I’m confident it was an honest mistake.


This is a minor gripe and I don’t mean disrespect to anyone but I don’t think adults should get free comics. It kind of takes the wind out of the sails for something that should be fun for kids.

I wonder if Free Comic Book Day really does anything for the retail shops.


I kinda wish they would do just Comic Book Day more like Record Store Day. They could do premium stuff for teens and adults think treasury sized reprints (or new material) like Image’s Artist’s Proof Editions or kicking off something big and have the free books for kids.


I don’t think I disagree really. I’d suspect there are a lot of regular comics readers hoovering up ‘freebies’, which we know aren’t really free for the retailers, not really expanding the readership. I noticed 2000ad this year reframed their offering to aim at all ages readers.

Saying that you could see a knock on from things like DC Nation which is really a preview of their upcoming books. The shop may take a little loss but if it translates into 10% more Batman, Superman and Justice League sales it’ll likely pay off down the line.


Yeah, I didn’t want to be too forthright about it earlier as it’s not really the shop’s fault, but it was a bit of a shame that the kids were finding it quite tough to get to the FCBD display table as it was surrounded by adults, and then it turned out that the kids titles had been hoovered up anyway.


Yeah I think you put that stuff on comixology for free where adults will find it, and let kids experience the joy of going into a shop and coming out with a stack of books that is all theirs.


I’ve turned down stuff before and said leave it for kids only to get flack and dirty looks.


I think it’s a huge event for them that really helps. I just stoped by my store and they had over 100 people inside.

It’s not really a kids event, it’s a customer event. I have no problem with both adults and kids getting free stuff.