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Free Comic Book Day 2016


So it’s happening soon. Is your shop doing it? I don’t think it’s such a big thing in the UK, but it’d be interesting to see what happens.

Also, last year Titan Comics did a competition tied in with Doctor Who. Does anyone know if something similar is happening this year?


Last year my shop was crazy enough to hand out bags packed with literally every single release. It was crazy. This year, my big target is Morrison’s Avatarex, which until now I think was only available digitally.


I didn’t see anything on the list that looked very interesting to me. I’m surprised DC didn’t do something for Rebirth.


Only got my eye on one thing:


Is that the Robocop knockoff book? :wink:



Most comic book shops in the UK do it now. I’m helping out at Foribidden Planet in Edinburgh in my Psylocke cosplay :slight_smile:


None of the titles really stand out to me this year. But there’s a comic mart in Glasgow tomorrow, so I’ll be popping in there and Forbidden Planet to see if there’s any free stuff and cheap trades.


Check out Geekaboo on your way up to FP they were really well organised last year and made a big effort.


I can’t afford to give away hard copies of my comics for Free comic book day, but if any one wants a free PDF of CHUNKS, Cordelia Swift or Transfer, let me know.


I will be flying back from the Southwest to NYC today, so I’m going to entirely miss FCBD events. :weary:


Damn it. Missed out on the FCBD 2000 AD prog - my local didn’t get it in. :frowning:


Chuck it out on Twitter, I’ll RT it and see if anyone has a spare if you want?!


Think it was the first to go from my local.


Plenty of 2000ad books left in the US shops.


Well, hook out brother, @bruce up, fella :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Got the two I wanted.


yeah they had a good set up today. Just had a big table with all the books on it, that people walked around and took what they wanted. A lot less hurrying along than Forbidden Planet, and they had a larger selection of books to.


2000AD FCBD hunt has now been successful!


That defeats the purpose of Free Comic Book day!

I got 2000AD, Love & Rockets, Suicide Squad, Simpsons, and Spongebob.