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I knew you would, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it.

It was a very short-lived rebellion. My army has abandoned me. They’ve found a new target. They’re now lobbing toffees at those creepy, freaky minions.
So now I have more important things to worry about. Those sweets were supposed to be for the cinema today, Matt. Who’s going to replace my sweeties?? :rage:


Don’t look at me!


I’m now chucking pineapple chunks at your face. Fair warning - I throw like a girl i.e. with extreme accuracy. :stuck_out_tongue:

Aren’t there supposed to be some free comics around here? I fear they’re now getting a bit lost and neglected.


Yeah they are at the top!


The perfect way to celebrate Bookshop Day which apparently was today.


I did not know that…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Neither did I until I somehow managed to come home with 4 new books.


Anything good?


Of course. I only ever buy good books:
Vanished Kingdoms by Norman Davies.
Stead’s Letty Fox: Her Luck. (Never read her before. I liked the name. Maybe she’ll have more luck than me. :slight_smile:
Murakami’s Wind Pinball (includes his first novel - Hear the Wind Sing - I read it today in a great big gulp. There’s sometimes too much truth and melancholy in his words. He always makes me cry).
Ayelet Waldman’s Love and Treasure.

Bugger. I bought 5. The fifth was from Oxfam, I’ve read it before, so that doesn’t really count. It’s an American translation of The Outsider. A friend recommended it a few weeks ago to compare the difference, and there it was today. Sweet Serendipity.


That’ll keep you busy!


I shouldn’t have bought any at all. I’m currently only halfway through the Kings’ Sleeping Beauties. Pretty great so far, even so, I abandoned it for Murakami, but only for a little while.


I need to read more…:tired_face:


You need to write more. :slight_smile:
Read more. Write ALL the comics!

Would you like a must-read-soonest list?


It’s just comes down to time…and the lack of it.

My current comic to read like looks like this:

My book list is EVEN longer…currently around 300 pages into The Stand…

I’m three books into the complete Sherlock Holmes…

Then I’ve got the third Dark Tower book to start…

Then I’ve got Killing Pablo…

Got the last four Chuck Palahniuk books to catch up on too!

The list goes on!!! :tired_face:


I’ve never read it but that has one of my all time favorite book covers from the time I was a bookseller. It just so crazy and macabre.


I don’t have a pile of comics to catch up on, I have an entire longbox (x3) :anguished:

I love Sherlock, and The Dark Tower series. The Stand is great. I first read it when I was wee B and sick in hospital. My Uncle sent it to me to make me feel better.

Next read:
King’s On Writing.
Kelly Braffet’s Save Yourself.
Tim Winton’s Breath.

And if you read Norwegian Wood by Murakami, a Japanese woman will call you lovely and kind and bow to you and say you have exquisite taste and ask you to recommend Irish writers. Tis true. Or maybe that’s just me. :confounded:


Great…more for the list! :tired_face:



I gots this…


Bolaño’s The Savage Detectives.
Murakami’s The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle.
Joe Hill’s The Fireman.
Tartt’s Secret History.
Berendt’s Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.
Harkaway’s Tigerman.
The Gone-Away World…


This is the version of the cover I remember.