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FREE #1 of ALL of my comics!


Hello you 'orrible lot!

You know i love you crazy kids and i have said it before, but i’ll say it again…i wouldn’t be making my own comics if it weren’t for this place!
So, you only have yourselves to blame! :wink:

Anyway, you know me…i’m all about self-promotion and trying to drum up some interest for a small con i am doing in a couple of week,s so i came up with the idea of try before you buy…
i set up a drop box file with PDFs of all my #1s, so people can have a read.
i don’t want people to waste their money on my comics if its not for them, because there are so many great small press comics out there.

Thought i would share the link here too, So you guys and girls can have a read too if you want…or not…i don’t really care what you think because you aren’t paying for them! :wink:
You’ll find #1 of CHUNKS, Cordelia Swift, Transfer and The Ether…fill your boots!

Or and if you do like them and you wanna keep reading (because i have other issues) you can buy them from


What’s that you say Mr. Garvey? Free comics?

You would need to be a fool or own all of them already to pass up that offer. Maybe both :smile:

Edit: I should add that I do own all of them and they are all really, really good.


Always nice to get an endorsement from someone I respect…I’ll let you know when that happens :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You can go off people. I hope you know that Matt :wink:


You love me too much to do that :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:




Did you just Fist bump yourself Matt?

Edit: Oh yeah…just got that now. :smile:


You dear Sir should also link to your Comixology page for people who can’t get easy access to print issues.


Very true, sir!
I apologise…next time let me know when you are over and I’ll hook you up with what I have in stock :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:




Just a reminder to anyone who hasn’t been paying attention - FREE. COMICS. Comics that cost nada. Zilch. Nothing whatsoever. And are also good.


I wouldn’t go that far.

Awesomely brilliant, yes. Occasionally, even funny; fancy that! Good, no.

Count Bumplefistenstein paid me to say that.

Who the heck is Matt Garvey anyway? Never heard of him.


Cheers pickles :slight_smile:


Awwww. You done called me pickle again. :slight_smile:

See! Read Matt’s comics and you get free pickles. How do you like dem apples? Professor Pickle is the best!


See that’s why your one of the good ones @Bernadette


I’m no good, I’m just drawn that way. :kissing_heart: I think that’s a Bugs Bunny quote. :confounded:

You spelled Matt’s name wrong. :cry:


I’m not a good one! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Never mind, I have adjusted my circuits to a digital only reality now (i.e. don’t really have space for comics).

You can sign my Android tablet. :smile:


I was hoping you’d let me sign your moob :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I prefer the term ‘toned pecs’.