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Fred On Fridays - New Jupiter's Circle preview


Like Murph on Mondays, this will be a weekly feature:



Great stuff! I can’t wait for the book!


What a wonderful introduction to the mind of an artist! Great fun!

Welcome, Fred! Do you prefer Fred, or is Mark “helping” us again? Thanks for Jupiter’s Circle in advance; I’m sure it will be every bit the hit as Jupiter’s Legacy.

Me, I’m trying to come up with a name for the whole cycle, since MM either does not have one or (more likely) has not revealed it yet. Jupiter’s Children was the working title. Now we see Legacy and Circle - so Children, Legacy, Circle. No real indication of who “Jupiter” might be, unless it’s a reference to the empowering alien(s). So, maybe - The Rings of Jupiter as an overall title? A play on “the rings of Saturn”? And if Jupiter is involved, could the evil Saturn be far behind?

Again Welcome, Wilfredo! Please feel free to post and wander around and say things to folks!


I always thought that Jupiter referred to the Utopian, as he was the most powerful hero in the same way that Jupiter was the ruler of the gods.


I don’t think so. Too much happening off-camera! Here we have a name not within the text. Why?


Well I just thought that’s what it meant since Legacy was about his children, and Circle seems to be about his friends.
Of course I could be way off base here but I can’t think how you would apply the empowering alien theory to the circle title.

If only Mark would come and put us out of our misery.


Be very careful with phrasing! Lovable as our kindly Chief might be, he also enjoys shooting large-caliber weapons!


Hahaha, that’s ridiculously great. :smile: Are you finding these on the Internet or are they from your hard drive?

Staying on topic, I cannot wait for this book. I’ve had high hopes for it ever since it was announced and everything so far is looking pretty good. I’m looking forward to the group dynamic and seeing how different it is to how it ends up in Children.


Mark shares stuff! This is his solution to someone saying “You can’t hit the broad side of a barn!” So he went inside! Clever, clever Chief!