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Frank Quitely auctions original Jupiter's Circle #1 cover


Wilfredo Torres is the artist on our upcoming Jupiter’s Circle book. As has been talked about today, Fred lost his wife last week to cancer after a long battle and has young children he’s now raising on his own. His friends in the comic art community are doing an amazing things, a series of auctions at all price-ranges to help raise money for his family at this terrible time. You can read about this lovely idea Brent Schooner had here and follow the hashtag to Twitter where you can see the various pictures being donated. This is one of the amazing things about the comic community.

Frank Quitely asked me to ebay his cover for our first issue and you can hit it at the link below. Many thanks to Patrick A from the forums here for setting all this up:



Wow. I hate to hear that for Mr. Torres. I didn’t realize that his wife was ill. Please pass along my condolences.

That is a very nice piece. I drove the bid up a little bit. I hope it goes well out of my budget.


Evan Shaner put up a great Superman piece for the Torres benefit.


Wilfredo! I am so horribly sorry about your loss! We readers too seldom realize what is going on in the private lives of our authors and artists. There are several here deeply affected by cancer (I’m an anomaly, I’m a 39-year survivor). I feel so strongly for your kids! I just want to give 'em a big hug and tell them things will get better.

A special prayer for you and your family tonight. May your good wife be kicking back with St. Pete at the Pearly Gates and enjoying a favorite beverage!


Looks like both pieces are doing well. I’ll check to see if any more went up later tonight.


Thank you very much, Señor Frank Quitely!

The bids are up to $916.00 - with 2 days left. I have high hopes this may go as high as five grand to help out the Torres Family. Such a beautiful and caring act to meet their current needs.

I’ve always loved your art. The more I find out about you as a person the more I tend to like you! Maybe we can have some fondue and absinthe in your studio one of these nights!


With a little over a day left to go, the Quitely piece has hit $2000.

The Shaner piece has 5 more days left and sets at $780.