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Frank Quitely Art Exhibition


Art exhibition at Kelvingrove Museum and Art Galleries starts Saturday in Glasgow.


First time I’ve seen St. Frank get called Vince so much!


Heading to the exhibition in the next few days hopefully. @Miqque I think your right that’s the most I’ve seen him referred to as Vin anywhere certainly in print.


Was lucky enough to get some free tickets to the private viewing of the show this evening. It’s great. Not just Frank Quietly work but also stuff by Dave Gibbons, Frank Miller and Dudley D Watkins as well as an item of clothing belonging to Mark Millar!

Well worth a visit. I intend to go back and spend some quality time there


Any idea how long the exhibition will be open for? I don’t think I’ll be in Glasgow again until June :frowning:


Not to worry, it runs until 1 October.


BBC story on it:


Some photies of the ‘Front’ of the Art Gallery.

The entrance to the exhibition and the crowds are actually round the ‘Back’.

‘Front’/ ‘Back’ of the Kelvingrove Museum and Art Galleries is a legend in itself.


For anyone that’s interested the university of Glasgow are doing a live tour of the exhibition with Frank on their Facebook page around 14:50 UK time might interest anyone that maybe can’t make it to the exhibition itself.


So here are some photos of the exhibit and Jupiters Legacy 2 book launch last week


Great pics! Those All-Star Superman and We3 pages look fantastic.


you can’t really see the detail but holy shit they are amazing.
such simple strokes to make masterpieces its mind boggling


I love how they’ve inset the originals in larger reprints of the work. It looks brilliant.

I wonder how they got some of these. I was under the impression that some of them were in private collections. For instance, Chip Kidd bought all the page from All-Star Superman #10 and made a custom comic out of it.

Also, where did the Superman cape come from? It’s not @Mark_Millar’s personal one, is it?


It is Mark’s one, he loaned it.


That’s very cool. The Superman Museum in Metropolis, Illinois has/had one of the Christopher Reeve suits along with one of the George Reeves suits. It’s interesting stuff to see in person.


I wonder if the wardrobe person who originally sewed that cape for the movie ever thought it might eventually end up as the model for the real one?


I have no idea what that means. :smile:


I think it’s the idea that Quitely would use the movie costume as a model to draw the cape in ASS. Which I’m not sure was the case, but I like the idea.


Ah yeah, I don’t think he did but I could be wrong. As far as I heard Mark just lent it to the exhibition as an extra prop to display.


Grant Morrison & Frank Quitely Talk

Kelvingrove Museusm | Wednesday 20 Sept | 6-8.30pm | £10 adults/£5 children
The legendary creators of such iconic comics as All Star Superman, Batman & Robin, WE3, All New X-Men and Flex Mentallo will discuss their partnerships and working process. Not to be missed by comic book fans!

I hear tell this is being live streamed on Facebook. That’s 6pm UK time of course (GMT/UTC+1). I’ll just try and get the address.

Edit: They didn’t actually give the address on the Twitter message but I am assuming it is this page:

Grant Morrison/Frank Quietly Talk