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Frank Miller writing a Superman project!


This was, bar none, the biggest news from SDCC for me. By a mile!



You’ll never guess how many women in Smallville will turn out to be prostitutes!


This will be great. The final issue of DK III was basically a Superman comic and he was just awesome in it. The mini-comic inside was great at highlighting where Superman’s humanity comes from. Based on that issue, and the fact it’s Frank Miller I’m very excited.


Great news. Between this and Xerxes it’s nice to have some proper new Miller work to look forward to.


It’s good to see he’s back and making comics again.


He’s been doing some art in the backup stories for Dark Knight III, but even so that has always felt like a joint project with Miller only contributing parts of it. It’s nice to see him gearing up for solo stuff again. He’s been looking better recently than he has in years. Good to see.


Looks like it will be John Romita JR on art for the book rather than Miller himself.

I’ve really enjoyed their previous collaborations so I have high hopes for this one.


JRJr has been on fire recently. The Last Crusade was fantastic and I really enjoyed the All Star Batman issues he did with Scott Snyder.


Yep, both really great. I loved the look of his art in Last Crusade particularly. He did a good backup strip for the main DKIII series too.


Can’t wait to see it!


Romita was such a better choice than Kubert for a Miller project - so this is fantastic news.

So glad he’s able to write solo once more.

This is going to be fun!


I was excited when I heard about this before (and would have enjoyed a solo Miller book) but reteaming him with John Romita Jr just sounds amazing.


I hadn’t heard this, great news. What a creative team to re-tell this story!


Hopefully it’s prelude to DKIV.

It needs a better written experience.


I’ve edited the thread title as the update has JR Jr on art.

I do love some Miller art but another team up with Romita doesn’t diminish it at all, they are a great team.


I love JR JR! combined with Miller for sure will be an amazing book!


No Al Williamson though. :frowning:

Who should ink JRJR to top that Man Without Fear look?


In Dark Knight Returns: The Last Crusade, JR jr worked with Peter Steigerwald to produce a beautiful looking book that (without knowing exactly how it was put together) seemed like it was either inked and coloured by Steigerwald or coloured directly from tight pencils. It worked really well for that book and I think the more delicate finish could work well for the Superman project too.


Seconded. The colours in that book were amazing. The palette, alon with the framing, made it look consistent with the original DKR book (for which this was a prequel).


This has been a great weekend for announcements and this is probably the icing on the cake.

I hope this is the book that gets people talking about FM for all the right reasons again.