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Hi Mr. Millar,

Thank You for the opportunity, I’m Francesco Iaquinta and I’m a comic
book artist and I’m working for Alterna comics for a miniserie,I have two short story to publish to Heavymetal and Actually working with Ryan Lindsay for a pitch and a his project (Curriculun and Littleman in the Big House for ComixTribe), I worked for some ingdie publisher like PopGoesTheIcon and Nas publishing, in Italy I published for a various publishers and I created a Rumble Kid for Passenger press and for this comic book I had a nomination to Treviso comic book festival 2015 in best cover artist and own creator category.
Attached here by you can find a
link to my Portfolio . If you need to see more, let me know, please!

I’m at your complete disposal for any further informations/instructions, test pages etc.
All the best!

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