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Framing Comic Books


Anyone have any experience in framing comics? I have a few autographed issues that I’d like to frame and display in my office.

A cursory google search tells me I can get a comic book frame for a mere $15 from Target or I can spend closer to $65 ($38.50 plus a $15 uncharge for Conservation Glass) from

The old adage “you get what you pay for” has me leery of the $15 version, but at the same time I’m hesitant to drop $65 per frame when I have multiple books I want to display.

Anyone have any expertise in this area and want to offer some advice? Thanks!


I’ve not framed any but it will depend a lot on the area where you are displaying them and what kind of books you will be displaying. If there is going to be a lot of sunlight in the room and you don’t want the comics to fade, you will likely want to go with a nicer, UV resistant glass. If those aren’t a worry, the Target ones should do just fine.

I would be tempted to start with one of the Target frames just to see how well they work.


Sun will quickly destroy comic colors, so if your frame is going to be in the sunlight for any part of the day at all you’ll need a special frame.


Jim is right - special UV-proof glass, actually. If it’s a valuable comic, have it insured (added to homeowner’s or renter’s insurance for a pittance) and have it framed professionally. Some even can be sealed in an inert gas so the pages won’t yellow.


Color-copy it, frame the copy, and keep the original safe.

In which case you can go for the $15 frame!


This is how I did mine. I got the frame from Michaels. It’s not special glass or anything so I out it next to a window where no sunlight will hit it.


Those are the two you got signed by Gleason and Tomasi at C2E2, right?




Yep, they sure are. I framed the two I got signed for Nikki the same way.


As an extension of this topic what book shelves do people recommend?. I’m getting my long boxes shipped to the uk from NZ and I have an opportunity to get some decent shelves put together for both single issue and trades