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Forum Technical Issues


If you have any technical problems with the forum please post them here. Some of things you run into may be limitations of the Discourse platform, but at least here you can ask to see if that’s the case.


I’m not sure if it’s an issue with my browser, but the Pub Forum tags aren’t showing up for me (on existing threads or as an option when I try to start a new thread). Has the Pub Forum been hidden or removed or is it a glitch?


The Pub disapeared from the category list (top right icon) a week or so ago - three different browsers (IE, Opera, Chrome); same issue.


Ah, maybe that forum has just been quietly removed then. Thanks Andrew.


Well, no - you can still access it by clicking through to the Category list and picking it from the four there on that page.


Oh yeah. Weird.


On one of my devices it always displays that every thread was posted in less then a minute ago and that every Millarworlder is on.


Good lord. You’ve accidentally invented quantum computing.


Or the Tardis’s computer…