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Forbidden Planet to open in Dundee?


It’s a rumour I’ve heard in a few places, but nothing concrete. Has anyone else heard about this?


Not heard anything about Forbidden Planet in Dundee but not sure how that we are ready for it. We already have a great comic shop called the Black Hole - great place for banter and all things comic related. There is also a strange shop thats just opened up in the past 4 months right next door to the black hole called ahoy comics which sell graphic novels and clothes and whatnot…but no comics?


Sorry, only just saw your comment. It’s an ongoing rumour I’ve heard for a while, that the FP in Aberdeen is closing and moving down to Dundee instead. We’ve got 2 great indie comic shops here so I’d rather see them succeed than a chain. The FP has had a ‘for lease’ sign above their shop for over 7 years now as well, which doesn’t exactly bode well for them.

Dundee has the comic literature courses and the conventions, so a FP might do better there than up here.