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For those of us who don’t win...


Hey Guys and Girls,

A lot of you know me around here, been a member for a few years and have been writing my comics ever since.

There are two important sources of support in my comic writing.
One is my amazing wife, who I honestly could not do without…I am a very lucky man and I will freely admit I am punching waaaaaay above my weight class with her.

The other is this place.
The members of this forum have been so great over the years, not just buying my comics (which I do appreciate), but helping me during those early years.
Giving me positive feedback in those early days, encouraging me because they thought I might have a talent for writing comics, but most importantly giving me the confidence to carry on.

Confidence, is a funny thing.
It can take a life time to build but can be lost in seconds.

That is the reason for this thread.
I know we are all incredibly excited to find out who has made it into the MillarWorld annual next year.
But the sad truth is, a lot of us wont make it. (I include myself in this…i know there are better writers than myself out there. FACT)
Mr Millar has had to sift through 1,200 or so scripts and countless pages of art work, which is no small feat…and only 13 people are gonna get picked.
Not getting selected this year might knock your confidence, but it shouldn’t.
Winning a place in the annual would be an amazing thing, but if you don’t, it is not the end of the world.
It is not because we are bad writers or bad artists, it just means we weren’t right THIS time.
You have achieved something wonderful, you have either written a script or produced a number of fantastic sequential pages of comic art!
You should be proud of yourselves!
That is a HUGE step in the right direction.
You have gone from a talker to a doer…DO NOT LOSE THAT MOTIVATION!
Those of us on this board will always help you and encourage you!

NOW go out and make your own comics!


Thanks for this. Writing is something I’ve always loved, but I’ve never had much confidence in it. Sometimes hearing another writer say something like this is a nice boost to the motivation centers.


You can do it Ender!
One panel at a time.
One page at a time.
One comic at a time…and you’ll get there.



This year and last year were really the only times I’ve waded into the world of writing comics. I’m mostly a prose guy. My brother, who may or may not be a moderator here, has told me about a few other comics contests I might try out though. It’s a fun, different, and challenging form of writing.


Man Stallone is magic. Dude can act, I don’t care what anyone says. I’m rooting for him to be Duke McQueen.

There’s a dozen things going into the selection process. If you’re not picked it’s not because you’re not good - it might simply be it wasn’t the kind of story that fit in the annual. It’s a very particular thing the annual, you have to represent the character in a nutshell and tell a full satisfying story in a handful of pages. That’s not easy, but it’s a good exercise.

My recommendation is to do what Rocky says. If you don’t win pick yourself up and keep trying. And don’t wait for competitions. Write for yourself. Write 5 pages stories about characters you love. Practice - you don’t need an audience to practice. you don’t need someone to give you feedback. Write something and learn how to judge yourself - it’s a key skill for every writer as most don’t have editors giving them feedback as they go.

And use the forum. Take part, share your work, get involved with others. You’ll get back what you put in.

If you want to write, really want it, you’ll find a way and you’ll try every day. That’s what it takes. Matt knows this, anyone with a career in comics knows this. It’s not the end if you don’t get picked - it’s just another step.


Thanks for these thoughts. I would add this thought to chew on… what did you gain from this experience?

Personally, I learned that I can say what I need to say in 4 panels per page instead of 9. And that there’s a time for chattiness but action is always better. There’s tons more, of course, but that’s what I’ve applied to my own projects since November.

What about you? What have you taken away from this awesome project?


God dammit Garvey stop making me tell people your a good bastard!


An old quote:

“Don’t be that boring guy at the comic shop who says ‘Yeah, I had that idea 10 years ago.’ Be the guy who can say, ‘I had that idea 10 years ago and it was rejected by every comic company in the world and that’s why I am the hopeless alcoholic you see before you.’”

  • Mike Sangiacomo

Another quote:

"The first great gift we can bestow on others is a good example.”

  • Thomas Morell

@mattgarvey1981 is a good example. He has worked hard to make the dream happen through patience and persistence. He is a great mentor and a good example to follow.


@Todd I deeply regret you made me hit the love button but you are correct.


If you didn’t win…




We all truly know it is just a deceptive facade…I’m really a dick.


Oh gawd no!
I just want people to make comics :wink:
If I can do it…ANYONE can!

But thanks for the compliment, Todd :blush:


Couldn’t agree with you more!
He is brilliant…Coplamd is one of my all time favourite movies.


12 posts in before someone typed the word DICK.

New record?


Can always rely on me to drop the D :wink:


See, I had to make a smart ass comment first.

That way I don’t feel as uncomfortable saying I agree with everything you’re saying in post one. Contests are shots in the dark, like playing the lottery. If this is something you want to do there’s nothing better than just getting to work. You don’t need anyone’s permission to make comics.


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