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Somehow we never re-started a movie thread for Kingsman!

When we last left our Hero in his macabre mansion in Scotland, clouds glowering and rain scowlering, the Master Mind was hunched over his eldritch monitor, keeping an eye on the changing - and growing! - line of numbers from around the world.

IMDb seems to be saying that Kingsman: The Secret Service remains in the #3 position on Week 5! That’s a $6.21M (USD) weekend, subtotal of $107.39M by whatever measure they’re using.

Ol’ Miqque predicted strong legs from the get-go. Now I’ll make another prediction - this will be, by far, Mark’s most profitable project. Shows what happens when you let love be a prime ingredient in one’s work!

So happy for you and the crew, Chief! While the previous films were good, this turns a corner into what I’m thinking of as “the real Millar movies” - Starlight, American Jesus (probably with a title change, unless you do your magic and Sean’s “Punk Rock Jesus” goes into development. That would be cool - both films being made at once, maybe by the same studio - doing a completely different take on a seemingly similar theme - and coming out together as the rebirth of the double bill and starting an international conversation … Dream BIG!), Nemesis and whatever else is in the pipeline. Chrononauts! Yep, I’m sold on that one, too. (Good job, Ohara!)

What are the international numbers doing?

What can we expect in the way of home video extras?

Where’s my comp copy?


Globally it’s at just under $280m. It only opens in China next week so should comfortably get past $300m.


Another weekend, another win, and those legs just keep on pumpin’!

“Kingsman: The Secret Service” rounded out the top five with $1.2 million and a stellar $111.2 million so far.
(Bolding mine.)

Weekly congratulations, Creative Crew!


Congrats on the big box office numbers so far.

I wanted to talk about South Korea, who knew that Kingsman would be their most successful R-rated picture ever released? They seem to have good taste over there.


It’s been amazing actually.

We’re just under 300 mill and still plenty of time left in Germany, etc, for big bucks. China is exciting next week as those 4000 screens could translate to 50 mill or more. I think we’ll pass 350 mill quite comfortably now.



That is awesome news Mr Chief. I have been following the numbers on Box Office Mojo and the South Korean numbers stood out a by a mile.

Now I’m looking forward to the rest of the gang showing up on-screen, Nemesis, Superior, Duke McQueen and American Jesus (plus the Marvel Civil War story).

It is a very good time to be part of the Millarworld.


I’m curious as to which is the parent title and which is the subtitle for potential sequels.

Is it Kingsman: The Secret Service (to be followed by Kingmaker: The Secret Service, Kingslayer or what-have-you)

Or is it, Kingsman: (The Such and Such, the this and that, the etc etc)



I presume it’s Kingsman. The movie seems to often be referred to by that name alone, and the collected edition of the comic seems to have been rebranded to include that as part of the series title too.


Dueling Colons!

Kingsman: The Secret Service

to be followed by

Kingsman: The Secret Service: Part Two: The One Millar Hasn’t Written Yet

And so on and on until we run out of colons, semicolons and the like and have to rely on tildes and octothorpes to communicate!

This is an octothorpe -> # <-


Silly, Miqque. That’s not an octothorpe. That’s a hashtag. #oldpeople :wink:


You’ve got that stomach bug that’s going around too, eh?


Can I “like” this and give you the finger at the same time? #youngsnots

:grin: <- our smilie that indicates “constipation”.


It’s on.

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