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Flukes questionable art and practices


I like your linework, and good facial expressions. Sort of reminds me of Neil Googe when he was doing work for WildStorm’s Welcome to Tranquility and Majestic.

Welcome to MillarWorld, Fluke!

Hello and thank you.
Im a hobby artist but been drawing for ever. I was looking for a workflo to drawing straight to screen.

I looked up Neil Googe, his works fantastic.

Hope this doesnt offend

I know advertising is frowned upon but…
Waiting for a prescription I checked out the products in the scents cabinet.
There were lots of ludicrously priced scents mostly by celebrities.

Its nice the public is given a chance to get a whiff of fame and fortune…

So I thought Id create my own shameless brand in readiness of winning the lottery or something

Im taking advance orders for ‘Yikes’

Cash only of course
I feel I am ready for the big time so made a flyer -

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Have a bit of Sci fi

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This is unsuitable work for a boy

Hello writer
Im at a lose end and up for drawing one page flash fiction type art thing.


Cant actually work out where this should be posted -

Totally yours f

I have been inundated with submissions all of which were brilliant so I have chosen the best
bribe and thank the runners up.

Any expenses incurred btw will be settled by my secretary. Also if you require food stamps or
clean needles.

And here it is -



Oops, I read that as slash fiction.

tears up script

That’s really great. We’ve been talking about how hard it is to write a story in 5 pages, but to do it in 1 is pretty amazing.


Im what you call a hobbyist.
One page is roughly 8 -12 hours of work and fun listening
to radio/telly/the wind /the trees/ the cries of the lost and dammed

Two pages –
and closure aint for another page and serious questions arise like what
the fek am I doing this shit for I can write better then this I have an IQ of 100 million

Three pages – I suck

  • Im only doing this to get laid.

Five + I knew it was a bad idea,
The bastard has impregnated me, slashed the tent and run
off with the hamster.



Only getting the chance to reply properly, great job Fluke. Your art is excellent and you got the story across perfectly.

I should have given myself more editing time and cut out that first ‘Of course’, but that’s completely on me. Apart from that it’s awesome! :smile:

I can cut ‘of course’ out.

I thought you had bailed.

Im good for another one pager if
you want to try something experimental/risky.


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Yeah, cut the first one out, will definitely read better.

Just been super busy last few days. Definitely up for another, but it’ll be Thursday before I could throw together a script, does that suit?

Fine - There is no rush

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I should have have
put somebody more contemporary in the jar.


Its Done - Most of the stuff I do is editable so not a problem.

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Good stuff!

For this other experimental/risky one, I’m thinking a safety card (like you would find on a plane) of some sort, for something futuristic (maybe a sex-bot or virtually reality system). I’ll let the idea marinate in my head until I get the chance to sit down and script it on Thursday!