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Fluffers, Act I


Hi, everybody!

I’m trying to adapt a little short story I have written last year into a comic book script and I wonder if could ask for a little feedback (My first language is Italian, so any recommandation about my english would be great).

Here’s the link and the synopsis.

Tag Line: ‘‘Beethoven meets Misery meets Fight Club’’.

Synopsis: One night, a man accidentally hits a pug with his car and his life changes completely, among heartbroken owners, Werewolves-pugs, nasty transformation and fight clubs.

List of characters:

John Doe/Fluffers: The main character of our story. The average man whose life will change in the moment the pug he accidentally killed bites him.

The Owner: Fluffer’s owner. He would do anything to keep his dog with him in the safety of his house.

Jerôme: A black french bulldog. He’s the main champion of the fight club. His main weapon is a harmonica which shoots poisoned darts.

Fluffers, Act I (Issue 1 of 4)

Thanks! :slight_smile:


One note, fluffer means something different in English or at least the US.


Glad someone said it.


but makes it something i now want to read!


Really Ronnie? Could you explain what it means? In great detail please.



Yeah, I know!


But I assure you that there’s no porn in that


you lost me…


It’s just mild fluffing, nothing to be concerned about.



A “fluffer” is someone employed on a pr0n shoot whose job it is to keep the male performers, ah, ‘ready to go.’

So, yeah, might be a double entendre not worth exploring in the context of the summary above


We were trying to subtly allude to that rather than spell it out but you are right it is inappropriate.

Better to go safer with a title like ‘rimmers’, ‘teabaggers’ or ‘Arabian goggles’.



i was taking pity on the OP whose stated grasp of English might not allow for proper appreciation of said allusions.

subtle is not my strong suit. rather than take responsibility for that defect, i am going to blame it on being American


Don’t worry Marc, I was just having a laugh. :wink:


but of course. just assume all my posts are either sardonic or sarcastic, unless sincerity is the only possible avenue


Hey, kind of reads like a horror version of The Shaggy Dog. Seems about time for something like that!


One note, “shaggy” can mean something different in English or at least the UK.


I tried! I tried to get the conversation back on the material…!