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Flashback for The Chief


Mark, wee sketch that you did for me at Glasgow Comic Con in '94 (you offered after telling me you could draw too). I’m sure I got you to sign my Swamp Thing issue at the time, although I’d need to double check.

It’s a while back and I have a shitty memory, but you were sitting with Morrison & Quitely (back when he had been doing The Greens and Missonary Man and hadn’t broke thru in the way he has now - although his work on MM and Shimura at the time blew my mind).

I also remember a guy talking about Ice T having bazookas pointed towards the local police stations and you initially entertaining him, then as things got more and more outlandish exclaiming 'how do you know this!?!?!??)

Think it was about the time of New Jack City and Ice T was on The Word maybe the week or night before.

Anyway. I’m pished and I’m just reminiscing. Good times.