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Flash Gordon just sent my kids some toys!!!



Sam Jones, who is on my hero Mount Rushmore with Reeve, West and Hamill, heard my middle kid was starting school this week and he knows she’s MASSIVE fan of Flash, watching it at least twice a week since she was 2 and sometimes twice a day.

Anyway, she got in from school an hour ago and found THIS in the hall. HOW GREAT IS THIS?!?!?!?!


That was so cool and sweet of him!


That’s amazing. How great it must be to know the hero of the story sent a package just for you. Great stuff.


Wow, I guess he is as cool as Ted makes him out to be after all.


That is truly awesome. What a genuine guy.


How excellent! Of course, you’re soon going to need a larger house. Is the Hermitage for rent?


That movie is truly one of the great movies of its genre. your daughter has such good taste. Does she run around yelling “FLASH AHH AAAH SAVIOUR OF THE UNIVERSE” ? That is one of my favorite exclamations. and now it should apply to the actor who portrayed him as well.


Gordon’s Alive?! Flying blind on a rocketcycle?


He was in a show after that called the Highwayman from whence I derived my teenage nickname. Won’t bore on with the reasons.

Always seemed a likeable bloke and I was sad he didn’t go on to greater things. It’s great hearing little stories like this. Although if I’d gone out for dinner with Luke Skywalker I don’t know if I’d actually be able to contain myself.


That actually got me a little teary eyed. That was a super sweet and cool thing to do.


Did that last year. I was like a teenage girl at a ONe Direction concert. I had to focus like a Jedi to not just geek out and tell him I loved him.


You say that like you didn’t. :wink:


I told him the world loved him. Felt like safe ground.


One of my hidden skills is not losing my cool if someone is a celebrity and learning them as a person.

It would have taken a good ten minutes before I was quoting Star Wars and doing his Joker laugh!

I guess everybody has to get it out of their system!


To be fair, I probably would have just hugged him and cried. It would have been quite awkward. :wink:


I bet he’s used to it.