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Five Superpowers That Will Break Your Story



Possibly a more central point is the decision whether the superpower is the story or if it is incidental to the story.

The superhero really came about primarily for spectacular effects, but the superpowers were primarily a labor-saving device. The fact that Superman was an alien only became important when writers stopped being able to tell compelling stories where Superman used his powers to perform heroic deeds. Then you started seeing Krypton and its history being integrated into the comics as the source of plots.

The spider in Spider-Man wasn’t really a part of his stories until much later in the run of that book as well. In a similar way, the murder or lives of Bruce Wayne’s parents weren’t much of a part of the story of Batman until now - decades later - he’s tormented by the trauma.

Now, it’s gotten a bit lopsided the other way where the superpowers - or the thing that turned the heroes into the superheroes - is often too much the focus of the story rather than what they accomplish with their gifts.