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First review of Empress issue THREE!!


Impressive as this isn’t out for another three weeks. We’ve had a total ball on this series. Delighted to see everyone digging it so much. Planning volume 2 right now!!



wait, is the second issue out already?


It came out a couple weeks ago. Good stuff. Go pick it up now. :wink:


waw. Totally missed it. Things been quite chaotic. Will pick it up later on or tomorrow. :blush:


Sold out at Diamond (like issue one) with a second printing on way. Your store might still have it tho!



Love the Yu cover for #2!


Shit Ronnie.

It’s good. Seriously good.

Issue 1 was great but felt like the first act of a film. Felt like reading a screenplay.

But this second issue, man, oh man, it is a bloody work of art. The setting, the planet, damn this is a mixture between Blade Runner, The Fifth Element and Star Wars.

This is a new world. This is Dune, Hyperion, Star Wars,… This is Asimov, Herbert, Kevin J Anderson class. This is the sci-fi we can only dream of. And Mark just did it. He gave us the first pure work of sci fi in a bloody long time.

Man I wish issues were 50 pages.


Glad you liked it. @Mark_Millar does a good job doesn’t he? That @stuartimmonen fella isn’t so bad either.