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First Post, ten page short comic


Never posted on here before, I normally use pencil jack but im trying other avenues recently. working on a 10 pg short with writer Marco Lopez, ive roughed out the first 5 pages, let me know what you think all critiques welcome

pg1 splash

Pg 2

pg 3

pg 4

pg 5


thanks for looking



Nice energy.


Thanks Tom, i did most of these fairly quick except for pg 2 which i really struggled with, i like to do the layouts quick so they don’t look to stiff and boring


Would love to see the finished pages.


I inked the first 2 pages today, i post some wip shots on twitter as well. When all the pages are done ill def post them on here


finished the first 5 pages, now moving onto the colours



pg 2

pg 3



and now i sleep.

on a side note i am looking for work on new sequential pages
my email is


lovely stuff. The coolur work really complements your art style. Reminds me a lot of Francisco Francavilla.


Thanks Chris, I am a big fan of Francavilla. I sent him a post on twitter once and he actually responded which blew my mind. Ive pretty much finished the roughs for the final 5 pages for this story so I should have them up on here at some point soon


Ok so powering through to the finishing line, here are the roughs for the last 5 pages







ok so ive been busy inking this shit, here goes




pg4 splash

one more page to go


final page


the inks are really nice! the colours could be tightened up a wee bit maybe


thanks Gavin, im working on my own comic at the moment with a very cool colour scheme. Similar to darwyn cooks parker series so its much more simple than the colours here. ill post some images of it hopefully in the next couple of months.