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First page for sci-fi project.


Very first sequential page digitally inked.
That´s for a comic book showing a few scenes for a cool sci-fi movie project, hope you like it!


Who is speaking in the center panel? Guess I’ll have to wait for the word balloon! Quite like the third panel with people clapping, it looks very natural.


Thanks a lot for your feedback, Michael! The woman speaking is the president of the future United Nations, talking about an important issue for the whole Earth´s population. That´s a kind of scene I´ve never draw before, and that´s why I love drawing comics, you have to learn to draw as much things as you can! :slight_smile:


I really like it. A great level of detail and interesting compositions that make the events very clear. The areas of black are very dramatic too. Will this be coloured? Because I think it will lose some impact if it is.


Hey David! Thank you so much for your feedback; you´re right, this page is intended to be in black & white, maybe a few grey touches here and there, but that´s all, no color. I´m not very good at coloring, so glad not to have the chance to screw it up!
Best. :slight_smile:


In case you guys are curious about the inking process, here I share with you a video of an inking practice I did over the amazing pencils of BIG Alan Davis:

inking practice - ALAN DAVIS


Amazing work, dude! Really great.


Thanks a lot, Neil! So glad you liked it :slight_smile: