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First look at Millar's first comic for Netflix!!!!!


Breaking news on Entertainment Weekly with my first project for Netflix, a new franchise I’ve created in-house in the horror/ fantasy genre. The artist? None other than Mister Olivier Coipiel!!!


Great news. Coipel’s art is always excellent.




Sounds awesome!

Can’t wait for it to hit the stands!


I knew it has to be Coipel!
Can’t wait to read it
Way to go Mr Boss man!


Very cool, Chief. Looking forward to this.

Any word on release date?


The Magic Order will be six issues long and is set to launch next spring. It will be available both digitally and in print.

Interesting that there’s no mention of a comics publisher (like Image, IDW, etc), which I guess means Netflix will be publishing it independently?


Thanks, Paul. I have no idea. Can’t wait to see more out of this.


Fun mash-up! Haven’t really seen Olivier’s work since around House of M days. Always did like his work, he does that thing where are the characters are different sizes and look like individuals!

And, at some point commuting Glasgow-LAX, you could at least wave out the tiny window!


That cover is just incredible.


Great stuff!


Dear Mr Millar,


comic books by Netflix is a little bit like magic in itself… it’s about time the new century became tangible.



Looks incredible. Coipiel really is one of the best artists in the industry.


I’m going with this GIF instead!


Haha. Thanks guys. The first pages are in and I’ve never seen anything like this.

This is beyond what anyone’s doing in comics right now. Better than anything I’ve even seen from Olivier. It’s mind-blowing.



Sounds like a fun new project. Magic is always underutilized in comics, so it’s a great subject to tackle.


Urban Fantasy Fiction has a number of books about this idea. It is one of my favorite types of story to read and I look forward to seeing the Chief and Coipel take on this.


Finally, the Millar-drought is almost at an end.


That sounds just excellent. Challenge them artists!


Everything he did was already excellent… I can’t imagine what it will look like!:star_struck: