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First full trailer for KINGSMAN: THE GOLDEN CIRCLE

Because a big new trailer needs a brand new thread to stretch it’s muscles. ENJOY!!!



Here they are embedded:

With a little bit of extra swearing:


Looks lovely, and fast and fun.

I was going to go see it anyway, but it does look good. I get the sense the Tatum could steal a lot of his scenes?

Can’t wait. :slight_smile:

I didn’t realize Jeff Bridges was in this. That’s great. Elton John too!


Looks as kinectic and frenzied (in a good way) as the first.
And I still think the whole thing about the “Statesmen” is inspired. Like holy moely, that’s good.

Yup. That’s a good trailer right there. Inspired bit of music, too.

Is the only difference in the two trailers the “Fuck me.” at the end? That seems hardly worth a separate trailer.

It looks fun. It seems like there was more Channing Tatum in the teaser though.

I did say a 'little bit of extra swearing" :smile:

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You know my feelings on swearing. :wink: It just seemed hardly worth it. In fact, the other trailer where he says, Harry instead seemed more fitting.

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That’s why I posted it, specifically for you. Personally I find it disgusting.

Anyway back on the subject at hand, it looks really cool. As a first trailer it doesn’t really give any idea of story, just a bunch of cool visuals but that’s good enough for Star Wars…


We at least know that the Kingsman headquarters is getting destroyed forcing Eggsy to interact with the Statesman in some way and that Harry is back. I would assume those are pretty big plot points.

True enough but many trailers spell out the setup and plot quite explicitly (which I don’t much like by the way), even The Last Jedi drops a couple of plot pointers.

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That’s a lot of big names! Hope to go see this at the theatre more than once.

I was wondering where the Bond films went. They’re called Kingsman now.


Looks cracking! I’d be happy with more of this and to let Bond quietly retire.

It looks like it hits everything that made the first movie such a hit - outlandish scenarios, tongue in cheek, bright bold colors and loud exciting action. Even Harry coming back feels ok even though I disagree with the decision.

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Pleased to see it looks like Mark Strnog has a decent sized role in this film too. Cracking actor.

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Really like the look of that, excellent trailer.