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First Deadpool movie reviews are in...


The best introductory issue of Deadpool is Deadpool Vol 1. #11.

Deadpool goes back in time to visit Spider-mans origin. Its perfect.

Even though its almost 20 years old, I think the Joe Kelly stuff is the way to go for newbies. Also, it doesnt look 20 years old.

Then id probably go Cable/Deadpool. After that either the first Way trade or first Duggan/Posehn.


Well, it is heavy on the backstory…

Except that Nicieza is very good at telling the reader all they need for the story to work along with a healthy amount of taking the piss out of it all at the same time.


Awww, you people are just… Too awesome! I thank all of you for your recommendations. Sorry to derail the thread but I guess this is rather helpful for anyone new to Deadpool.

Personally, I don’t like Ways take on Deadpool. Gail Simone is universally brilliant in writing comics AFAIK and Nicieza is really good at channeling Deadpool in a fun way.

Ive read most of whats mentioned so far. I think I’ll start with Deadpool meets Spider-Man in the sixties as a recommendation and then give him my collection of Cable&Deadpool-trades when I figure out who I lent it to last. After that, Gail Simones run, then he’s on his own.

Again, heartfelt thanks to ye! <3


That Deadpool/retro Spider-Man issue is a cracker.


Don’t overlook his role in Remender’s Uncanny X-Force run anders.


There is no way I will ever read a Liefeld-drawn comic again, much less pay for it. His art makes me feel sick. Like, physically ill. Maybe it’s my anatomy. You know, human anatomy? The one that Liefeld has no clue about?


And here we have a comics reader still traumatised by the moobs of Captain America, as drawn by one R. Liefeld.



In the holy words of Raw Shark: Never compromise. Not even in the face of Armageddon.




Is that the one where they were all wearing black and grey suits? The X-Men Black Ops?


Bit cheeky, given that he did create the character.



Anders, I remember people saying same thing about Kirby when I was a teenager. There was genuine hostility towards him around the time of the Super-powers toyline and comic and people in the comic store I went to would honestly hold up pages, laughing at the anatomy as photo-realism was very much the order of the day as opposed to the more expressionist work that he obviously did so well.

I think late-teenagers and very literally minded readers struggle with Rob for this very reason. Show his work to an adult and they’ll generally love the energy and madness to it. Show it to a kid and they will lose their mind. Like Kirby, he’s not only created more big Marvel characters in the last 60 years than almost anyone else (and by that I mean characters who can sustain their own titles and movies), but he’s got a wildness that kids in particular appreciate, much more than any living artist who’s work I show the kids in the family. I think he’s a genius.



Pretty much.


Which Deadpool t-shirts did you buy?


Let me answer by having my wife take a quick photo of me…

Not too bad, eh? I’m hoping the people at the job interview will like it.


I hate your new hair.


The cross earring is a nice touch.


Deadpool sale for those interested: