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First Deadpool movie reviews are in...


…and they’re outstanding…


That’s great to hear. I’ve been expecting good things for this since it was announced - it just seems like the right time for a superhero movie like this - so I’m glad it lives up to its potential.


It’s very much in the Kingsman slot and audience.

I saw $70m as the prediction for a US opening weekend. For a film that reportedly cost around $50m that means they’ll make big bucks.


I’m looking forward to this movie and the positive reviews for the movie makes me very happy. :smile:


I have a feeling the internet hype could ramp this up even further come the time. I showed my cousin the trailer, the most normal ‘joe’ I know in terms of taste, and he went apeshit for it.


The red band trailer made this look like a lot of fun! (I’ve never read Deadpool) $50m is such a small figure for a movie like this, I hope it does well.


A lot of Deadpool comics aren’t necessarily that great in terms of story and plot but the character is so brilliantly awesome that you’re guaranteed entertainment in the way he interacts with the Marvel Universe. When writers diverge from that interaction and have Deadpool do his own thing it usually ends up a bit too silly and convoluted. He’s always at his best in a serious situation or as a foil to serious characters (or at least characters who are trying to take the given situation seriously), and his own title unfortunately lacks that at times.


I may be in the minority here, but I’ve always thought that he worked best where there was an undercurrent of pathos. When he was originally introduced, he had a holographic projector thing that hid his hideous face. He was vain and lonely and that was always running under the surface even when he was dashing around like Bugs Bunny with machine guns.

Or it may just have been what I picked up from the book.


Do random schmoes’ tweets count as reviews?


It’s weird, but I think over the time he’s been around he’s been one of Marvel’s characters who actually seems like he has a strong ‘character arc’. I feel like (when he’s written well) he still has those things but he’s gradually coming to terms with his situation. It’s like he’s slowly realizing that everytime he does something heroic he feels a little better about looking like a sunburnt Nick Nolte and he’s tried harder and harder over time to ‘fit in’ with and ingratiate himself with other heroes to take away his loneliness.

He’ll not really admit those things to himself let alone anyone else so it goes over everyone else’s head when he doesn’t take anything seriously or acts like an idiot or a loon, except for the reader who he has that ‘breaking the fourth wall’ bond with.


True. When he was introduced, he was a villain. He was a knock-off of Deathstroke from Teen Titans. However the character was given depth through the works of various writers and artists through the years and now he’s a credible hero. It doesn’t seem any more unlikely that he be a member of the Avengers than, say Wolverine for instance.


Sure, fans at a packed preview screening with Stan Lee loved it—if you don’t love anything in that environment then check your pulse.

What about depressing dads in a theatre with three other people on a weekday matinee, which is how I will likely see it—how much will we love it?


Even if it’s awful itll make bank.

It cost nothing to make and people are really curious. Compare that to Fantastic Four, which cost a lot and people didn’t give a poo.


I’ve been very much looking forward to this. So glad it’s getting good reviews. I hope this film is a gateway to more Liefeld in the cinema. Any projects that Tim Miller would be good to direct going on right now, @Mark_Millar?


I am really looking forward to this movie.


I must admit that surprises me. Deadpool doesn’t seem like something that would appeal to you, Todd.


Recently nothing appeals to Todd, he’s been a right miserable bastard.

I suggest he get a cat or a hamster or something to release his pleasant side.


I still wuv you todd.



I’m allergic to cats and because of that, I’ve never liked them.

That means so much coming from THE Australian Cajun Mutant!