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First day back at work today...


…and I am so buzzed up to get typing.

I’ve had two weeks off, but been itching to get back since the week between Christmas and New Year. Writing the Empress volume one finale this week. Big preview of issue one in next week’s Huck #3. GOD I LOVE STUART IMMONEN SO DAMN MUCH!

Plus I nailed down the fine details on the Capullo book late last night just as I was nodding off. Officially starting the first issue on Monday and can’t wait to get into that too.

The boards, by the way, are possibly their more active in our decade-plus history. It’s amazing to see all the talent and enthusiasm kicking around since our new talent search. This month we also have the launch of a major cosplay thing you’re all going to dig and we want to keep cultivating the talent for the next big search on the other side of summer. The 13 writers and artists selected on December 23rd will be receiving an email from me on Wednesday where I’m going to give notes on the scripts and start working with the writers to polish them a little, the artists all being given their first professional deadline too. I couldn’t be happier with how this is going. Thanks to all who took part.

Right, better split. Time to get back to work… and when I say work I mean, of course, watching nonsense on youtube and reading about the Star Wars box office.



I am looking forward to your 2016 work!

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I’m very much looking forward to 2016 and everything it has to hold for Millarworld. Lots of new books and films I’m very much looking forward to along with all the great stuff happening on the forum.

I mostly signed off the day before you only catching up in a few spots from my mobile. It’s crazy how busy the board has gotten within those 2 weeks. Great stuff ahead. It’s a good time to be a Millarworlder.

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Very much looking forward to getting some notes, and the opportunity to improve.

Excited to be a (small) part of Millarworld this year and collaborate with some amazing people. :smile_cat:


It’s like when your parents leave for a week and the house is a non-stop party, furniture smashed, the liquor cabinet has been raided and the carpet smells funny. Don’t worry it will clean right up, glad your back Chief (I had nothing to do with any mess you might find) :wink:

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@Mark_Millar - All that, and you did not say how your holiday went! Did y’all have a good time? Did you relax? (Hah!) What did you get for Christmas?

Me, I got Ex Machina and Kingsman - so another nickel in yer coffers, bubba!