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First clear look at Batfleck -Portrait shot


This pic looks fine, but I’m officially worried about this movie after that trailer. Superman and Batman are my all-time fave characters and I should be chomping at the bit to see this, but it seems to… mis-timed. It feels like one of those dark, noughties movies where comic flicks needed to be legitimised instead of the pure joy of Superman and Batman being together, which I think is what audiences are responding to now. We should feel fantastic when we see these guys and love seeing them back to back against Luthor and The Joker or whomever. As is…


My sister and her family were just totally confused. When they saw it they said they had no idea what they were supposed to think. Was Superman now a bad guy? Was Batman now a bad guy? DC taking a huge risk building their entire cinematic universe on this tone started in MOS. I wish I loved these, but I just can’t engage with them at all.



The first one through the wall trying to do something different always gets bloody…
You know that First hand, , Chief.
You little rule breaker you! :wink:

Same with this…
Just gonna let the haters, hate. The lovers, love.
I’m gonna sit back and go in with an open mind.


The pic for those too lazy to click:

The costume is very Dark Knight Returns with the fat bat logo.


I feel similar to Mark about the movie. I want to be more excited about it than I am. Having said that, there’s not much to go on so far, and it could be that there’s more variation in tone than we saw in the trailer.

Because to me, the appeal of a Superman/Batman movie is seeing the clash and contrast of Batman’s darkness with Superman’s brightness and optimism, not in seeing Superman dragged down to Batman’s level.

Maybe the movie will pull that off, we’ll see - but Man of Steel doesn’t make me hopeful.

All that said, this looks like it could be the most comics-faithful Batman yet, at least visually.


I think this is the opposite actually.

Guardians was the first through the wall. It was doing something new after years of super-flicks worried about not being serious enough. This feels almost ideal for 10 years ago, but I think audiences would lap up something different, going MORE fun that Marvel.

Audiences loved that Ant-Man trailer more than Ultron and Supes/Bats combined when I went last Friday. They want a little fun. Superman and Batman should be that!



The new Ant man trailer didn’t do it for me.
I’m sure the movie is gonna be amazing, but the trailer i felt was just a rehash of Iron man.
Good guy has a suit, bad guy has a bigger better suit, but the hero will prevail.

I’m confident that bats V supes will deliver.
As Dave said.
There is not much to go on… so hopefully they are holding back, because they know we are all gonna see it, whether we hate the trailer of not.

As long as its not Green Lantern we can all sleep safe! :wink:


Well, beyond anything else, I’ll say it once more: At least with Snyder we can be sure that he’ll deliver in the visual front. This looks like a proper Batman costume finally… None of that “pieces of armour” BS that’s been going on for some time now.

*Oh, and I do hate the fat bat logo… that’s my only complaint, but it’s really a personal thing, so no biggie =P


Timing. That’s the thing, isn’t it? Perhaps there has been too much emphasis on the “darkness”. Please note we have not heard much of the other super-folk appearing, and that’s going to require screen time. The DVD of Dark Knight Returns took 2 DVDs. If BvS is going to include the other heroes and be “The Dawn of Justice” then I’d have to bet that the actual Superman-Batman conflict might be done fast to set up more of the movie. We still do not know the overall plot!


The problem I’ve always seen with DC is there isn’t any issue with the ‘dark’ version of Batman, it works well and delivered two films that made a over a billion dollars each.

It’s how you combine that with everyone else in a shared universe when most of the DCU is more kooky than Marvel. Not to denigrate how well Marvel have combine those elements, so Thor does work alongside Black Widow, but I do think it’s a much harder task. We have a Shazam film in the announced lineup and that one look very problematic if they want to follow a Nolan/Snyder template for them all.


Maybe in the Shazam movie they’ll continue with the dark stuff and Black Adam wins.

IMNSOHO Captain Marvel never belonged in the DCU.


The tone began with Nolan, not Man of Steel. This movie looks more like Dark Knight 4 than Man of Steel 2.

I don’t know how the movie will end up but I think that photo of Affleck is freaking fantastic. There is a very good chance he will be the best Batman yet.


Yeah, I’d say that’s the first proper Batman-out-of-the-comics costume we’ve had (apart from the fan-made Dead End one). Not a Snyder fan and expect nothing great from the film, but it definitely looks right.


As a follow up to my last post, I should add that as a big fan of Man of Steel, this is not at ALL the direction I (or anybody, I think) would go in for a proper MoS sequel, which makes me feel like this is Superman being forced into Batman’s world and not vice-versa.


Now in colour:


Honestly, the trailer is exactly where I would want a Man of Steel sequel to go.
It sets up Lex Luthor beautifully, shows Superman working on a global profile, and the earning of trust.
I can can see why some people wouldn’t like it, but it addresses a lot of potential raised by MoS. I’m not worried about it all that much really - who is the good guy or the bad guy. The trailer made it clear, that like always, it’s a misunderstanding between two men with different ways of going about stuff.

I just think that’s all pretty good sequel fodder, personally.


I actually really like it. Of course, I liked Man of Steel.


There’s always one :wink:


Don’t make me light the @JimOHara signal. :wink:


just realised.

Where the hell is his neck?!!!


You know he’s going up against Snyder’s Superman, right?

I sure wouldn’t leave my neck exposed.