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First 7 pages of EMPRESS #1 by Millar and Immonen


Spectacular first seven pages plus cover right here. Stuart Immonen is a GOD:


PS Here’s a peek at some of the concept art:


looks good…i’m intrigued.


Looks fantastic.


I found the pages here rather than there:

Yeah, looks ace.


Wow. That looks even more amazing in color.


Dude, it’s Immonen.

(I’m thinking that ought to be the standard response, he hits it out of the park on… well, anything and everything.)


I’m just tweaking the final issue here. I’m known for my action, but I think this is probably the most breakneck comic I’ve ever written. It doesn’t stop. It just switches on around page eight and people keep running until the end. It’s mental. Total chaos and I’m absolutely delighted with it.

This is the big one. Stuart jumped off Marvel’s top book for this. We’re really excited about it.

Tomorrow am full-time on the big Greg Capullo project for the other side of summer.