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Fight Club 2


i loved LOVED it!
I’ve missed these characters sooooooo much!



What’s the first rule of Fight Club?!


I am Jack’s complete lack of Surprise…


You mean “Joe’s”? :wink:


No, I mean Jack.



I call him The Narrator.
Jack and Joe are both…terrible names.

But yeah, it was probably the best thing that Chuck has done since Rant. And Rant is the best thing he’s done. It felt like Fight Club and really ran the gamut of the characters and black humor. Glad it’s following the book, since I did prefer it to the film.


It is definitely a sequel to the book and not the movie. Tyler in this is much more the fascist (and murderous) psycho from the novel rather than the anarchist, but ultimately not evil, antagonist of the film.


Also, well, he ended up in a mental institution.


From my (non)review in the comics thread:

FIGHT CLUB 2 a sequel (not the second issue) to a little known novel Palahniuk wrote probably before most of us were born and hardly anyone read. Surprisingly, despite its obscurity, in the late 90’s, it was adapted into a film with shoddy production values and a few no name actors that found its way into the two-for-a-dollar DVD bin soon after release.

Primarily, it (the comic) is the story of a normal, unhappy man in his 40’s (possibly late 30’s) who has a well-paying job, a wife and son, and struggles to keep his imaginary friend, Tyler, pacified with colorful pills. Of course, this arrangement is particularly doomed for various reasons, and Tyler goes from imaginary to quite terrifyingly real rather quickly.

In all honesty, the book is not a bad read, but you really can tell that Palahniuk has not been at the writing game very long as the progression of events are not chronicled nor set up very well. Sometimes, you’re looking at a panel and wondering - “is that really happening or is it something that has already happened.” At some point, the character has bruises on his face, and it really is not clear if that is from Tyler, Marla (oh, his wife’s name is Marla) or from something else that I missed.

Also, if you’ve only seen the movie (granted, it’s unlikely any of you have) and haven’t read the book (almost a given for everybody here), then you may be surprised at exactly how just plain bad Tyler is. I mean, Joker-bad.

Heath Ledger Joker bad.


its my favorite book and movie :smiley: