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A Welsh Han Solo is the worst idea you’ve ever suggested here Jim. Maybe the next James Bond should be from Alabama.

Who's the next big movie star?
Who's the next big movie star?

I could get behind that. Not quite Alabaman (and possibly a bit older than would be desired for a replacement for Craig) but Matthew McConaughey would make an interesting James Bond. :wink:


No no we won’t be doing with any Yankee James Bond candidates, it’s off limits.


Is it time for a Felix Leiter movie?


Ha thank you for editing my dumb phone’s mistake Gar!


With the protector of “Truth, Justice and the American Way” being acted by a Brit, James Bond is fair game. You know you can hear McConaughey saying, “Bond, James Bond.” in his slow, genteel Southern drawl. :wink:


I didn’t know Americans were as ass twitchy and territorial about Han Solo as the Brits are about James Bond & Doctor Who. It’s not like I suggested James Kirk be Welsh.


I’m not. Like I said, Superman’s British and I really like him.


Personally I can’t imagine Han Solo apologizing when someone else bumps into him.


I thought he was going to be the next Doctor? :wink:


He is practically the only American character in Star Wars. Even the robots are British!




Jabba the Hutt is the current President, so there’s him too.


Cubby Broccoli attempted variously to cast John Gavin, Burt Reynolds and Adam West as Bond.

Plus the original screen Bond was “Card Sense” Jimmy Bond played by Barry Nelson in an episode of an American TV show adapting Casino Royale. If memory serves, Felix Leiter was British in that one.


With Paul Ryan as Salacious Crumb, ok fair enough.


Don’t insult the Hutts like that, Jim.


I didn’t realize this was a thing. The internet is getting predictable.


In all seriousness I’ve long felt Who/Bond should always be Brits and Han/Indy always Americans, and every other role is fair game. Even though there are many actors on both sides of the pond who can do any role.


Some people think British accents in Star Wars indicate being raised on or around Coruscant with other accents indicating other planets. It’s been used as a fan theory regarding Rey’s parentage.


I think that you could make a good case for Captain America only being played by an American.