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Female & Male leads in Empress movie plus Bad Guy


The Hollywood star playing Empress was teased online last and pictured below. But keep your eyes peeled for teasers coming up from the actor playing Dane Havelock, the male lead and Morax, the movie’s big bad guy. These will be up here and on social media so keep an eye out.

Here’s last night’s pics for those who missed…


Waw. Already a movie and the comic is not even out yet.


Comic was entirely written last year. Don’t worry. They’re not guessing what it’s about :slight_smile:



That has to be Anne Hathaway.I thought that an actress in her forties was being cast though?


Who says it’s Anne Hathaway? You’re asking a question based on your own supposition? :slight_smile:



Really surprised how excited I am by this and I’m wondering if when I’m reading it I’ll be doing it in the voices of the actors once they are announced.


The previous descriptions led me strongly to believe it would be Angelina Jolie. She would be perfect. The comic is fantastic. I can’t wait to hold the paper in my grubby paws. :wink:


Well played sir,well played. :wink:


I’m just impressed they got the movie rolling already with cast attached to it without waiting for the succes of the comic.

Or did you wrote a screenplay version too?

And most important: who is the director? Warner is producing right?

So many questions. It’s just so nice to have a fresh new soace opera. It’s a genre that has been disappearing and that i love.

And no, star wars/trek dont count. I’m talking about fresh material, ergo Empress.


I hope you watched Jupiter Ascending.


Haven’t yet. Did you like it? Waiting for it to appear on netflix or hulu. I do love the warschowski’s movies. Even the speed racer. they did things in the editing that were never done before. It was incredible. They try to always innovate and create something new. I respect that. It’s very hard.


I did really like it. I’m a big defender of that movie. It’s really beautiful and the visual effects are flawless.
I like Speed Racer quite a bit too.
Definitely check it out when you get the chance.


I can’t believe this is how I found out I’m not playing either the female lead OR either of the leading men in the Empress movie.