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Feeling Sketchy


I had a trip to Whitby last week (the town where Dracula arrives by ghost ship), and got a new sketchbook so I’m filling it with Dracula drawings. Number two:


15 min Chuck Norris. Because.




Panel from ‘Grey Squirrel’, the short story I’m working on. This woman is not to be trusted…


Couple of new ones:



Aaaaaalmost there.


Bit of process on a work in progress!


And the DVD bonus feature:


I’ve started doing some sprucing up of my Etsy page, please take a look if you get a minute!



Portrait of John Wyndham:


…and then you suddenly remember that eyes are meant to sit roughly halfway down the head!

Not finished yet, but getting there.


Whoa. Weird what you can be made to believe. After seeing the first three, and thinking they were fine, I was convinced the eyes were too low on the fourth. I had to actually look at the fourth in isolation for a long period to re-educate my brain that this is what normal heads look like.


Yeah, try painting the thing and realising it. :slight_smile: Once you see it, the others look so wrong it’s hard to believe I didn’t spot it.


It’s one of the first things they teach you in anatomy drawing. It really does mess with your head for a while. When I did it in high school, they actually had us take magazines and draw lines on people’s faces to demonstrate it.


Digital painting of a winter trip down to Cornwall. One of those nice, crisp sunny winter afternoons by the sea (click to see the people)…



Taking commissions in time for Christmas, y’all!


I woke up from a dream this morning at 5.45, and I think I dreamt something similar to this image (quickly jotted it down on the Painter app on my phone):


Has Batman ever become The Shadow? He totally should.