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Feeling Sketchy


Then added some paint and some digital colours. Done!


Quick sketch…


Came across one of these at a fair the other day and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to take a snap. Bullitt made a huge impression on me when I was young … the Ford is cool but wish it had been the Charger. :slight_smile:

Cards up for sale at
… and prints:


Last year we took a trip to Oxford for the first time, which I’d only ever seen while watching Endeavour on the telly. I completely missed the appeal of Inspector Morse, but Endeavour’s a fantastic TV series.
So it was embarrassingly exciting to stumble across Inspector Thursday’s Jaguar parked on the main strip, while a film crew was setting up. Hence this pic:


Close-up from the first page of a six page short story! Took three tries to settle on the right look, but going to enjoy this.


Little preview of page 2, starting to get that Buttonman vibe…


Awesome work! That 6 pager looks interestingly good!


Thanks a lot! Hoping to have it completed soon…


Another page done…


And now for something completely different…


Those pages are looking incredible!


Cheers matey, can’t wait to show them all when they’re done!


Couple of quick sketches I did a while ago, experimenting with graphite shading. Hadn’t done Batman in years…


Different page, different style…


Great work, Michael! Your style is very rich and unique. Really cool pieces here.


Thanks so much! Have never had my work described as ‘rich’ before. I like it! :slight_smile:


Jake Gyllenhaal from Nocturnal Animals (awesome film). Hard face to get right, even after quite a few attempts!


Looking forward to catching up with the old gang when I get around to the new series of Twin Peaks…


The making of…


Lugosi sketch: