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Feeling Sketchy


Have been trying out some speedpainting techniques recently. This is a 45 minute sketch of a Flash Gordon-type scene I’ve had in my head ever since watching Sky Captain, wishing someone would do a heavily greenscreened Flash Gordon film:

…and this is my first go at a sci-fi landscape, again about 45 mins worth.


Hey all,

I’ve put up some of my pics upthread on Etsy, for sale as greeting cards. If you know anyone who might like them, please pop by!

In other news, I’m open for commissions at the moment (particularly comic cover work), so if you’d like any artwork done, please email me at: Thanks, and feel free to share or comment, as that sort of thing is always nice to see. :slight_smile:


This one took a long, long while…


Interested to see what they do with the story … fingers and claws crossed!


Very nice.


Here’s a commission I’ve just finished for someone’s home office:

More of those sorts of jobs, please. :slight_smile:


That’s incredible! Hope you get more of those jobs too! :wink:


Some more recent bits & pieces…


That’s amazing. I looked at it for several seconds thinking it was a cool abstract image and WAIT A MINUTE THAT’S A FACE :smiley:


Not just any face, bub.

(ok, so the similarity falls down, but yeah, was a fun technique to try)


I thought it was instantly recognisable!


Very cool that Logan. Which technique did you use?


Thanks! It was digital palette knives in Photoshop.


As was this one…


I love your style, Michael; and I love that your sketches and finished art are not about superhero poses. As always, thank you for sharing.


Thanks Jerry, that means a lot. Nice to know it’s still worth posting these in here!


A quick sketch from yesterday’s lunch hour:


NASA has released over 10,000 photos from the Apollo Moon Mission to finally silence all the conspiracists (yeah, right) - and this one really appealed to me.

Walter Schirra from the Apollo 7 mission (20 min lunch sketch):


Work in progress…


Finished the pencil part: