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Feeling Sketchy


I just looked at The Good The Bad and the Ugly image and immediately I started to hearing the music from the standoff in the graveyard. If that’s not a compliment, I’m not sure what is.


I will certainly take it as such. Thanks Simon!

Quick Time Bandits for today:


(if Randall is cropped for everyone else, there’s definitely something screwy going on with the boards’ images.)



Hi all, I’m currently looking for book cover work, and have put together some examples of previous work and my sort of design style. If you know anyone who’s writing a book and wants it to stand out from the crowd, please do send them my way! Thanks!



Great stuff. I love a lot of your subjects as well. Not every day you see a cool Time Bandits sketch.


Ah, thanks! I’m in a Facebook group called Just Draw which comes up with daily topics based on films - have been a bit tied up with work lately, but hope to get back to it soon.


I am…I’ll keep you in mind if/when I finish it and I get to the point of needing a cover artist…Don’t hold your breath. It could be a while.

As always Michael, those are great.


Cheers! Here’s a work in progress as I’m playing about with some new painting techniques…

…and then I go a bit nuts.

Not finished yet, but is a fun place to pause.


Tightened it up a bit with pencils…


I just remembered my attempt at a bit of Grant Morrison magic; drawing pictures of sad David Cameron, to send waves of sad energy at him. This may all be my fault, the spell may have gone awry!


Wow, not posted in here in a while. Well, here goes:


Quick Clint sketch for lunch…


(forgot to say, this is a Bladerunner pic!)


Just finished a brilliant BBC audiobook of Dracula, so grabbed some reference I took from a trip to Whitby and of an old carriage museum, and a dash of the amazing Christopher Lee (RIP) and put this together.

Shame the board cuts off the pic. :frowning:


Yeah it is but we can always click on it and see the full image, which is great as usual Mike.




Thanks all! Think I’m onto something with this new way of working. After a year of traditional media I’m gonna go down the digital rabbit hole for a while, and see where it goes.


Narrative art! Finally, a name to exactly the stuff I’m into. This is what I swapped sequential for!


My daughter as a flower fairy.

…and some random model as a flower fairy, to try out some new digital brushes I bought.