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Feeling Sketchy


Lots of fan brush later:




Thanks again for sharing your process with us, Michael. Oddly, for this one I prefer the black and white pencil version the most.


Thanks! Yeah, there’s a certain funkiness to the pencils that got lost in the painting - I’m not good enough yet to loosen up with paints, everything’s tending to be a little too controlled.


What @njerry said. Thanks for sharing the process. Very nice!


Hi all, been busy lately so here are some recent things:

This one was for a Facebook Group called Just Draw 2016 - made entirely using digital brushes from

This one was made in conté pencils on top of an acrylic wash (now on sale on eBay!:

Oh, speaking of which, I’m selling that Star Wars canvas upthread on
eBay, currently going at a snip for £20…

And I started this one last night, got a few different directions I could go with it…




Detail of the Harley Quinn pic. Really enjoyed making that one.


Some recent pics:
A painting of Kyle Reese at the link:




A Roy Batty:

A Nosferatu:

A ‘Darkness’ from Legend:

And an homage to The Terminator:


Huh. Anyone else having images cut off on the right side? Or is that just my browser? Been experiencing that a bit with MW lately…


No I’ve been seeing it on some images too so you have to click on them to see the full picture.


Thanks Gar - are you seeing the whole face on the Darkness from Legend pic? That one’s cut off for me, without a clicky option.


Yes it’s the same for me.


Hmm, the uploader has trimmed the right side of the Roy Batty, too. It’s like there’s a max column width it seems to crop to. I’m sure it didn’t used to, it used to resize stuff automatically!


So it’s not just me then? I’ve had to click on a lot of images on the Picture and Image thread to get the full image.



The Shining:

Batman Returns:

Good, The Bad & The Ugly:


I really enjoy your work, Michael, especially the black-n-white pencil sketches. Keep 'em coming!


Black & white sketches coming right up sir. :slight_smile: