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It’s really eye-opening to see the step-by-step process. Thanks for sharing that, Michael. :slight_smile:


Colourful Garvey...

Last one in greys, now onto colour!



Finished! Will show the final-final version (with the logo I designed) once it’s published. Hope you guys liked seeing how it came together, it was a fun piece of work to do.


Really enjoyed watching the process. Was it done using physical media at all stages? What’s happened at that last step - is it tweeting some levels on the computer?


The grey was all done in gouache on cartridge paper, while the colour was all in Photoshop, applied with a gouache effect brush.

The colours were from an old Adi Granov tutorial that uses three different layers, on different layer modes, to keep some luminosity to the light areas rather than just paint everything using Multiply.

The last step involves hue / saturation adjustment layers, painting and erasing certain bits to have the colours pop just in those areas.


And here’s the final cover that the publishers put together. Shame they put their text over the sword hand and bit iffy about the clouds in the middle of the logo I made, but all in all quite pleased.


I’ll admit, I was a bit annoyed when I saw this final cover - my immediate impression was whoever added the text didn’t do a good job, as it doesn’t gel or flow with your (fantastic) artwork.


Ah, cheers Elliot. My wife felt the same so bolstered by your feedback I’ve asked the publishers to reduce the text size to the size I initially requested, will see what we get back!



And the rest Mike, loving the mix of techniques and media. Love the process pics too (add me to the annoyed list on the final book cover -drop that font size and let everyone see the image, book maker people!)

Oh, and after all the comic creator chats we’ve had Ranson never came up, I’ve always thought that he was an influence on your work.


Thanks mate. Yeah, I’d literally not seen his work before, am quite shocked as it’s so up my street it’s silly. I think Ridgway, maybe a bit of the sketchy style of John Bolton’s Classic X-Men, and a soupçon of Bernie Wrightson somehow influenced me in the same way Ranson would have if I’d seen his work!


Oh, nice. Good work, Millarworld! They shrunk the text a bit!


Quiet work day, so … pic!


Had a quiet evening so did a quick sketch tonight - had an idea of what a teenage American Jesus might look like, this is what came out.



This might be my favorite piece of all the artwork I’ve seen on this site.


…Robert Shaw’s eyes in this…


Pencils from a recent painting commission, on watercolour paper.