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Work in progress!


Did this pic after watching the 1981 Day Of The Triffids TV series. It was great, with wonderful acting that should have made stars of the lead actors!

Anyway, I came across this old Ford Zephyr at an industrial museum the other week, so incorporated it into the act where our protagonist Richard is forced, as one of the only men in London still able to see, to lead a group of blind men on a scavenging mission past the dangerous triffids…


Image from the old TV series The Sandbaggers:

WIKI: The Sandbaggers is a British television drama series about men and women on the front lines of the Cold War. Set contemporaneously with its original broadcast on ITV in 1978 and 1980, The Sandbaggers examines the effect of the espionage game on the personal and professional lives of British and American intelligence specialists.

It was a great series and I’m surprised it’s not considered a classic. I’d put it up there with I, Claudius and Tinker, Tailor in terms of quality old telly…


Great pic. Ed Brubaker is a massive fan of The Sandbaggers, I hadn’t even heard of it and I’m from the UK and he and John Siuntres in the US praise it to high heaven when they hook up on Word Balloon.


Yeah, it’s gold. Here’s a two minute clip where you get a feeling for it.

Neil Burnside is the Director of Operations for the British Secret Service, the SIS. His special operations unit is made up of three agents, known as Sandbaggers, who specialize in covert operations. He’s approached by the head of the Norwegian secret service who needs assistance in recovering the crew of a spy plane that has gone down inside Russia. He’s dead set against it, but the Foreign Office has its own interests and Burnside is ordered to mount an operation. Unfortunately, the Norwegians are playing their own games and the lives of the agents are put in danger.


Didn’t Sandbaggers also have some influence on Queen & Country?


Rough scan of a work in progress…

(Graphite stick on yellow paper)


Still in progress, not doing what I want it to do yet!


Trying out the new crosshatching digital brushes from Kyle Webster, could get into these!


Another digital brush test, this time two Coreys.


this is really cool - Kyle’s brushes are awesome



Some process on this one!

  1. Did the drawing in pencil, scanned it with my phone using CamScanner, then darkened the lines using Levels in Photoshop:

  1. Added shading with digital brushes from (crosshatching, ‘deliciously dry’ and ‘gouache-a-go-go’:

  1. Colours! Based largely off a grey t-shirt I have with only blue and reds used in the colour scheme. Discarded the grey to stick with blue and red - sea & blood…

  1. Highlights! I’m quite into working on coloured paper and filling in large areas of white, letting the colour bleed through (you may have noticed), so used the gouache digital brush on the background and to work in highlights:

  1. I painted a red acrylic wash, then sealed it with acrylic medium, then painted a white acrylic wash with a 20p paintbrush to get the streaky paint look. Scanned it in and set it to overlay as the background. Think it helped to get a feeling of tension and the windswept sea and helped make the negative space areas feel too blank.

Widescreen letterbox bars were added to reinforce the feeling of the film (that’s one that NEEDS to be watched in letterbox).

And that was about it. Been meaning to do a Jaws pic for a long time, so was really fun to do, had the soundtrack going in the room and reminded myself of some of the scenes I’ve not seen for years.


Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell:

Great, great series.


Crap, that series is out? I read the book way back when and really liked it. Saw the trailer for the show which looked great, but then forgot about it.


Yeah, it was amazing, in my opinion. Like a really good Vertigo series, from their prime.


Not a great deal of changes, but think this one is finished. Just as Drew Struzan posts his one and shames us all. :smile:


Hi all, been a while but I’ve been busy on my first book cover, thought I’d post my process here in case anyone finds it useful.

After sorting out the design with the author and reading the book (a steampunk / fantasy book), I gathered reference from a few places. The character I worked on is a Victorian soldier with his sword fused to his hand, so the British Library’s Flickr collection was useful for typography and costume. After putting the cover together in Photoshop, I started the drawing:

to be continued…


Looking good so far.