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Feeling Sketchy


Congratulations, Michael.


Great news. I really do love that Endevour piece, I give it an up vote each time you post it.


Thanks Bruce! They emailed me just now and let me know it’s that one that got in the exhibition. I knew my love for a middle-aged TV show would pay off one day.


The record label has made the announcement of the release so I can show the final artwork!

Really enjoyed this one. Giant robots almost draw themselves…


That’s great. The colouring really enhances it when it would have been easy to overwhelm it.


Thanks Dave! Much appreciated. :slight_smile:


Bit of an old pic I never got around to polishing off, from a trip to Mousehole in Cornwall. I quite like seeing the pencil lines from the sketch underneath:

And this was an extra pic for the record label, for promotional use - don’t know if they’re going to use it, but was a fun stab at pushing this messy style a bit further. I’ve veered quite far from the neat style from a few years ago:


Because that film was great.


Here’s the original sketch I did on orange paper before taking it into Photoshop. Hope people like it!


Man, I like this even more the longer I look at it.


Love the scratchy pen style, more so now as it fits the tone of the film.


Cheers Keith! It’s all in pencil then darkened with Levels once scanned in though, had to make the conscious choice of pen vs. pencil for this one - the grit of graphite just suited the material more.


Some pages from 2007 or so, hadn’t seen them for a while and thought they could see the light of day!


Oops, forgot the extra pages, these ones were in watercolour:


Silly question: Did you produce it to look like that (as though it was in a book) or is that a preview from a book printing website?


Oh, the former. My work involves a lot of brochure design and we use Photoshop mockup files - realised the other day I could present my portfolio in the same manner.

I’ve updated some of the record sleeve artwork I’ve done in the same way:


Came across this promotional comic I did in 2006 for ‘The Return of Dr. Octagon’ album for Buttercuts Records.

Was ripping off Mignola a bit at the time, and I think this was the first bit of artwork I made entirely digitally.

Anyway, here it is! The plot is that at the end of his last album, the mad scientist Dr. Octagon is shot in his studio…


Michael’s on fire here. This is all 100% in my love zone!!



Cheers Mark!

Just started on this new pic last night:

Going to see if I can throw some paint on it tonight and not muck it up entirely (it will be a close thing).


Oh baby. Looking forward to seeing that!